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Hungarian left – the elegant, aristocratically put dog drawing attention at first sight. Fast and dexterous, similar to a golden lightning, it easily and gracefully moves, confirming glory of the born hunter. At the name of breed there is a word "left" that in translation from Hungarian means "search", "to find", and it completely acquits him, having great hunting qualities.

Hungarian left: appearance, character and features of breed

History of emergence of breed

Primogenitors of the Hungarian vyzhla got on the territory of Hungary in the X century, being the Magyar nomads delivered there. Dogs participated in a falconry, helping owners to get livelihood. By crossing with various local breeds the line of the hunting dogs who received the name the Hungarian gun dog and possessing a unique golden color was removed.

the breed gains the Greatest popularity at the end of the 13th century. the skills of a hound of a dog which are Available for a vyzhla actively are used by the local aristocracy when hunting on the land and water. But at the end of the 19th century to Hungary pointers in large quantities began to be delivered, and the breed Hungarian left it appeared on the verge of disappearance. In the country there were only about twenty farms which manufacturers tried to keep thoroughbred pets.

Hungarian left: appearance, character and features of breed

Establishment in 1935 of its standards and recognition of cynologists by the International federation saved breed. Active export of the Hungarian cops to the USA and further improvement and enhancement of breed began. Dogs of a vyzhla became more universal and hardy, working in any conditions, including remote territories.

The Hungarian, Czech and American manufacturers constantly improved breed, making new additions to its description, not changing the main characteristics. But World War II introduced the tragic amendments: being afraid of invasion of the enemy, Hungarians subjected to mass extermination of all horses and dogs. And only those copies which still remained in the Czech Republic and America gave the chance to breed again to revive.

External data

Today the dog Hungarian left - it is a noble, graceful animal with a fine exterior. Distinguish two types of breed : short-haired left, being one of the oldest European breeds, and wire-haired left, removed rather recently.

Despite the seeming leanness, it is a brawny, hardy dog with a proportional constitution, the graceful head, eyes of the average size and trailing ears of a V-shaped form. Color of a nose is its characteristic, it can be only brown, coinciding with a body color, otherwise the dog is subject to disqualification.

The Hungarian short-haired gun dog has smooth, short and dense wool without underfur. The color is strictly reddish-golden. White small spots on a breast or on paws, dark brown and reddish tone are allowed, but are undesirable. Existence of black traces in a color is forbidden.

At a wire-haired vyzhla wool has to be dense, rigid and skintight to a body.

Hungarian left: appearance, character and features of breed

Character of dogs

Left, remaining first of all a hunting dog, is a beautiful partner for all family. It constantly requires attention and communication. the Most close and devoted relations develop at it with the owner, but also with strangers she is benevolent and playful. It does not suit for a role of the watchman at all as meets all joyfully and friendly.

Excellent relationship develops at these dogs with children, they adore them and are always ready to support any game. Hungarian left perfectly gives in to training, at the correct approach from them the gentle and careful friends adored by all family members turn out.

Hungarian left: appearance, character and features of breed

With other animals of a vyzhla are very friendly too. They can be lonely, but love the company, the jealousy and protection of own territory are not inherent in them. Even they perfectly get on with cats. If in the house there are a cat or a cat, the dog with pleasure is ready to play with them, despite of discontent of the last.

Hungarian left – very active dog therefore it is necessary to estimate objectively the opportunities in respect of her maintenance on walks. If not to give her actively and to move much, she can start missing and even to ache. For the mobile, loving travel people this dog will be an excellent partner.

Hungarian left: appearance, character and features of breed

of Feature of breed Hungarian left (video)

The few breeds of animals can brag of existence in the name of the instruction on the country of origin or cultivation, for example, there is no such concept as "the Hungarian cat". And here the Hungarian dog breed kept the name despite all historical difficulties of development.

Gallery: the breed Hungarian left (50 photos)

Health and life expectancy

At a dog of this breed good health and if to give it rather motive loading, her company can rejoice not less than 10, and sometimes and up to 15 years. For dogs of its size it is not the so small term of life.

From characteristic diseases which risk of emergence exists, note a dysplasia, oncological diseases, a cataract and an atrophy of a retina, epilepsy, hormonal failures and pathologies in work of a thyroid gland. But such diseases as cold and allergies extended among dogs of short-haired breeds, practically do not disturb the Hungarian cops. They well transfer change of weather and do not freeze in the winter, constantly moving.

Training of the Hungarian vyzhla (video)

In leaving this Hungarian breed of dog is very convenient, it does not need comb-out even at a molt. When greasing wool lanolin it will remain clean even after walks in dirty weather.

Having got such dog, it is possible to be sure that in the house the true, devoted friend and the cheerful satellite appeared in all travel.

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