• Jan 15, 2020
Huskies, perhaps, the most good-natured of all shpitseobrazny prick-eared northern dogs having great character . Origin and the history of breed huskies , the history of her friendship with the person, exclusive reliability and devotion leaves deep into centuries.
huskies — Siberia. Breed huskies, Siberian riding лаек, removed nomad tribes of the northeast of Asia. The strong and hardy draft dog, but not just the partner on hunting was necessary for them. The team required at least 9 dogs, but a large number of the got fish allowed to support such quantity of animals with ease.
the Representatives of the Russian Empire who in 17 — 18 century were actively mastering the North gave a new impetus to development of riding dog breeding. Sledge became more and more capaciously, therefore, more dogs were required.
the Beginning of "gold-rush" on Alaska became the reason of sharp surge in demand for draft dogs from Americans. Since 1908 they began to deliver actively fluffy "horses" from the Far East.
Draught dogs perfectly proved
as the fast and reliable vehicle. Exactly thanks to them (and, in particular, thanks to the leader of one of teams to Balto's dog) the city of Nome was saved from epidemic. Balto was established by two monuments: one on Alaska, the second — in New York. This story — only a single episode on the Walk of Fame breeds.
"Siberian Huskies" the American cynologists in 1934 Registered breed. Then there was a standard.
the Term "huskies" (to be exact, distorted "esk") designated Eskimos. So called the Eskimo dogs. But when in North America there arrived the Chukchi dogs, them, for difference from Eskimo "colleagues", began to call "Siberian Huskies".
in the years of World War II huskies perfectly proved on rescue service. Also thanks to this breed sports races on dogsleds became popular.
three versions huskies (groups in breed) Exist: exhibition ("show), racing and working.
Working — the most rare. All huskies began with them. They carried on a long distance not really heavy freights, but quickly enough. Are not in the flower of beauty, but very clever and unpretentious, hardy and fast. Now they are not used directly any more. But these dogs participate in travel business which element is driving on dogsleds.
Racing huskies are sports dogs. They gather very big speeds and differ in a specific exterior which in turn differs in different nurseries. Unites their short fur. These dogs are also divided into subgroups — depending on sport.
Exhibition huskies are those whom we observe on a ring. They, in turn, are divided into two groups: American and European. American "subspecies" — are more powerful, heavier. Representatives of the European type it is more graceful and easier. The shortened muzzle which does huskies by more nice unites them, but worsens warming up of the air inhaled on a frost.
B the official standard of breed huskies is still described a working dog. But, as a rule, on a ring huskies estimate according to preferences of specific experts. In races the main thing is time, but not an exterior. Huskies which part in Great Britain are brought most closer to the official standard.
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