• Jan 15, 2020

Huskies: description of breed of dog

the Siberian Huskies is an elegant dog. They are friendly, vigorous, strong and courageous. Aggression in relation to people is not peculiar to them at all.

Huskies are hardy and tireless. They need intensive physical activities therefore will suit only the person leading active lifestyle.

Huskies demand special approach in training therefore they suit beginners a little.

Huskies are inclined to escapes. If for a long time to leave them alone, they will become nervous, will bark and howl, gnaw furniture or to dig holes in the yard.

Huskies are playful and perfectly get on with children. However you watch that in the course of the rough game the dog accidentally did not do harm to the small child.

Balto's Huskies were saved from epidemic by the whole city, having delivered the vital vaccine.





Excessive bark


Relation with children

Aggression to other dogs

Information on breed

Country of origin
of the USA
of Use of breed
Life expectancy
of 11 — 13 years
Growth in withers
of 50 — 60 cm
of 15.5 — 28 kg
Special attention
Care of
Physical activity

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