• Apr 8, 2019

Pregnancy at a dog lasts about 9 weeks. All this period it is necessary to provide it especially careful care. Not only health of future mother, but also her cubs depends on it. If the dog is pregnant, 10 councils for care of the pet will always be very opportunely. The large role is played, besides, also by balance of food. You should not forget about it.

Main rules

How to Look After a Pregnant Dog

In the first phase of pregnancy from fertilization before implantation of embryos symptoms of pregnancy are almost imperceptible for people. Cannot be defined unambiguously whether there was a fertilization , and therefore leaving is usually begun later.

The activity of an animal during this period is not exposed to almost any changes. Therefore there is no need to limit its walks. On the contrary, easy loadings will allow to maintain it in good physical shape . Therefore it is necessary to allow it to run freely, having refused only intense trainings.

Behind good physical shape of the pet it is necessary to care during the whole year, paying special attention to maintenance of normal body weight. High content of fat in a body of a female can provoke problems with an exit to posterity light.

On the fourth week after conception can already execute safely ultrasonography which will confirm pregnancy and also will allow to define quantity of the developing fruits.

It is important to watch that, that the pet did not receive any mechanical injuries . Having taken it on hands, it is necessary to handle with a dog with care not to peredavlivat a stomach.

On the fifth week of pregnancy it is necessary to prepare the place in which there will take place childbirth. However, there is a lot more time, but it is necessary to allow future mother to get acquainted with this place. She has to feel there in safety. put the Stove bench to the place:

  • Secluded.
  • Warm.
  • Protected from drafts.

However needs to have to it easy access in case it will be necessary to help the favourite. It is better to look in advance how she is rendered.

Before childbirth

Dog before Childbirth

In the second half of pregnancy there can be allocations from a genital tract that is norm. It is necessary to prick up the ears if they have a bad smell or a genital tract comes out pus. In that case by all means it is necessary to contact the veterinarian.

At the end of pregnancy, approximately from eighth week, it is necessary to provide protection of puppies from possible infection with parasites. But it is better not to do it independently but only under supervision of the veterinarian.

In the last week pregnancies can cut wool on a stomach and around a genital tract at boughs. It is necessary to prepare clean towels, sheets, sterile scissors for crossing of an umbilical cord if bough she is not able to make it. Besides, the thread for its binding is required.

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