• Jan 30, 2020

The chocolate Labrador was my first dog. For me all Labradors are beautiful (both chocolate, and black, and pale-yellow), but I personally prefer chocolate Labradors and I breed them in the nursery.

The Chocolate Labrador Lies on a Photo Grass

On a photo: chocolate Labrador

What character at a Labrador?

Labradors are very tender dogs, madly devoted, kind, allowing all and not having in general any aggression. If the Labrador shows aggression, then this is not a Labrador.

We have an imported dog of a Labrador from Sweden. He is a leader of pack of our dogs though dogs-veymaranery who live in our nursery too try "to move" it, but it does not allow them. At the same time he is on friendly terms with all. And when two dogs-veymaranera fought, he came to the one who was "beaten" more, laid down nearby, licked to him a muzzle and paws. And he will never get with the first into a fight though for itself will stand.

of Observation of the manufacturer: Labradors are dogs brood hens, they are ready to accept all and are on friendly terms with all, including other animals. Scandals at them do not happen. Our senior labradorsha – such Mother Teresa who calms all.

In general, the Labrador is very quiet dog though because of the wrong cultivation there was an opinion that they are nearly hysterics. Labradors at all not hysterics. It somewhere even a lazy dog for whom the highest happiness – to have a sleep near the owner. And if the veymaraner lays down nearby and still will put on you paws and the head, then the Labrador will settle down nearby, it is not such persuasive.

For children Labradors are nurses. If the family with small children asks me whom to get, a veymaraner or a Labrador, I always advise a Labrador. I, probably, could leave the small child alone only with a Labrador more with one dog of other breed.

Labradors adore in water, they live there. At the same time they are pigs: on walk will not bypass any pool.

Chocolate Labrador in a Photo Rack

On a photo: chocolate Labrador

What main destination of a Labrador?

Labradors are hunters, subgun dogs.

Always it is necessary to consider purpose of a dog. If we take huskies which are the running dogs, it is not surprising that they constantly run away. As for subgun dogs, from under them the hunter beats a game, that is the dog has to leave not further a rifle-shot (at most 200 meters). And this feature – not to depart is far from the person – is put in breed genetically. We walk with dogs without leads, and I am not afraid to lose them.

Besides, Labradors serve a beaten game.

Chocolate Labrador at a Photo Exhibition

On a photo: chocolate Labrador

It is how easy to train a Labrador?

Labradors are rather well trained. Though Labradors very much like to include an option "I do not hear", but there are magic words to which they react very well and quickly execute all commands.

of Observation of the manufacturer: Labradors food industry workers and perfectly are based on food. There are dogs who like to run for puler, for example, but not all.

How to look after a Labrador?

Labradors fade, and fade strongly and long.

But wool at a Labrador waterproof, skin does not become wet and therefore they do not smell of a dog.

Chocolate Labrador Adult and Puppies of a Photo

On a photo: Labradors

As far as Labrador healthy dog?

Chocolate Labradors, as well as all dogs bearing a chocolate gene — allergic persons. That is all Labradors suffer from an allergy, but chocolate – especially. At one of our dogs an allergy to beef, mutton, a duck, but, contrary to popular belief, not on chicken.

Recommendation of the manufacturer: Very often the allergy to stings of fleas therefore it is necessary to process from parasites constantly occurs in Labradors.

The allergy, generally affects ears as they densely adjoin and there is no airing.

Besides, Labradors are subject to getenichesky diseases, and there is a lot of them. Therefore it is desirable that genetic tests were done before knitting dogs. We to the dogs do tests.

One more feature of Labradors about which owners often do not know – in the childhood of these dogs it is impossible to feed with calcium. At excess of calcium at Labradors the beam bone of forepaws begins to grow incorrectly, and it leads to a dysplasia of elbow joints. I give to puppies vitamins only according to indications.

Chocolate Labrador of a Photo

On a photo: chocolate Labrador

A photo from personal archive of Oksana Leonova

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