• Aug 19, 2019

From the beginning of a season of holidays owners of animals often think of where to put a canine friend. There is no wish to give the favourite to neighbors or relatives therefore the decision to take it with itself on rest is often made. People who are going to act this way should listen to councils of veterinarians.

In a holiday with the pet: what is important to know in transit dogs and cats

the Trip by car

If to accustom the favourite to similar travel since the childhood, he will postpone them much easier. Several valuable advice which should be noted:

  1. To reduce a stress of an animal, it is possible to take with itself a laying on which he sleeps, or other his things.
  2. It is the best of all to transport a canine friend in a special container on back seat. If not to use boxing, then the trip can cost to the favourite life (for example when it is required to slow down sharply).
  3. It is impossible to leave an animal in the locked car during a summer heat, it can choke in it.
  4. It is important to watch that during the trip the favourite was not on a draft. It is impossible to assume that the current of air was directed to a cat or a dog.
  5. Before a travel it is not recommended to give to the pet a lot of food, it will allow to avoid nausea and vomiting. It is necessary to stop each two hours that the animal could breathe fresh air.

the Travel by plane

For cats and dogs air flight is connected with a huge stress therefore when there is an opportunity to transport a canine friend otherwise, it is better to give it preference. If it is impossible to avoid flight, it is important to listen to the recommendations of experts.

First of all needs to be found out whether the chosen airline allows transportation of animals.

If the favourite travels in the luggage compartment or in boxing, it is necessary to provide it to all necessary:

  • to prepare toilet filler or the absorbing blanket;
  • to provide the batcher for a forage and water.

On a container it is necessary to paste the plate with the contact information and the address. If the pet uneasy, it is possible to give him soothing, however before it it is desirable to try means in house conditions to be convinced that the animal normally transfers it. Before landing it is recommended to walk the chetverony friend.

If is correct to prepare the pet for an automobile trip or flight, it will be possible to reduce the level of his stress. It is important to listen to councils of veterinarians and to consider all trifles.

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