• Dec 20, 2018

the Austrian and American scientists independently of each other made experiments with animals of family of canids. Results showed that wolves were cleverer than dogs.

Wolf and Dog

Disputes on what of these mammals is more bright are conducted long ago.

In them to put an end still early. The last experiments solve in this question little.

Experiment of Europeans

In Europe experimented with a task by which tried to define I.Q. of monkeys earlier. For canids took two identical boxes. One was left empty, in the second put tasty food. Food was pressurized so that the smell did not come to light.

the Experiment developed so:

Wolves Were Cleverer than Dogs

  • At first the person pointed to packing with food. He looked at a container, tried to open it.
  • Animals equally truly reacted to hints. Both that and others reached delicacy.
  • At other stage of researches the direct human factor was excluded. Boxes moved remotely. And did it so that from a container with food noise sounded.
  • Here wolves surpassed dogs in reaction.

the Austrians doubted that domestication of canids brought closer them to the person in respect of rationality. Conclusions of researchers are unfavourable for dogs.

the Cultivated animals obviously lost a part of the talents put by the nature . At best they wait for the command from the owners, hope for their help.

of the Research of the American scientists

Americans went in the similar way. They showed to animals sausage, and then closed it in a transparent box. It was possible to reach food. For this purpose it is necessary to pull a rope. The fact that wolves for experiences were taken not in the wild nature, and from zoos, scientific does not confuse, patrimonial memory at them did not manage to weaken yet.

Americans received similar Austrian result:

Wolves and Dogs — Who Is Cleverer

  • All experimental wolves easily solved an objective and in an award received delicacy.
  • Dogs could not take an entertainment. It is indicative that pets expected the hint or the help from people, long looked at the owners.
  • The experiment was led further. Now people began to adjust dogs, to force them to show activity.
  • Now one of house individuals coped with the test. However, to her also several quadrupeds taken from a shelter increased.

Dogs became too dependent on the person . Besides they need additional motivation.

Wolves are forced to get livelihood independently. The question of survival depends on success of hunting. Therefore they are also obliged to show ingenuity.

But domestic quadrupeds it is smarter than wild fellows in other plan : they know that it does not make sense to work when food they are given strictly according to the schedule.

Results of experiences cannot be considered unambiguously pointing out superiority of wolves over dogs. If to take two groups of the people divided by the principle of the residence (the city and the village), to set the identical tasks for them, it is possible to receive different results.

Citizens will easily bypass villagers in the conditions of the megalopolis (for example, in maneuvering in traffic jams), and inhabitants of rural areas will better milk a cow or will pin firewood. It is unlikely it will be apprehended so that some it is smarter than others.

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