• Feb 6, 2019

the Transmission venereal tumor at dogs was for the first time described in 1870 by M. Novinsky, but the British erudite R. Vayns and K. Margiv in 2006 could define the pathology nature

Disease of Dogs

They conducted genetic researches and accused infectious cancer of dogs of repeated theft of mitochondrions.

Clinical record

Cancer of Dogs

For the unknown reasons one of cages of an organism of a dog mutated in cancer 11 thousand years ago, but was not limited to defeat of the owner. After acquisition of new markers the infectious cage had an opportunity to be transferred sexually.

As the proof of the uniform ancestor of a tumor serve the results of researches showing that these cancer cells:

  1. Have similarity, regardless of a look and territorial dwelling of the owner.
  2. Develop not from a carrier organism but only on condition of infection.

In 2011 it was revealed by of 5 types of pathology, distribution of each of them has a geographical binding .

At animals in the territory of Eurasia and the countries, along an ancient sea trade way, develop different types of a tumor.

of the Mutation of a tumor

E. Marchinson at the head of group of biologists studied features of formation of types of a disease.

The tumor underwent a set of mutations, a part from which was provided by loan of mitochondrions from a carrier organism.

Infectious disease

Scientists established that process of loan happened several times, it also became the reason of formation of 5 lines of cancer.

Process of compensation of deficiency of own mitochondrions at the expense of the owner began to happen no more than 1700 years ago.

the Biologist could not install to

the exchange mechanism yet, but assumes that it was necessary for a malignant new growth for stimulation of operability of own mitochondrions.

the Venereal tumor at dogs even more often is considered, as a result of defeat by the independent organism using any possibility of preservation of DNA in the conditions of quickly breeding elements.

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