• May 16, 2019

In modern society are conducted heated arguments concerning whether pets in city apartments are necessary. It is remarkable that not only ordinary citizens, but also political figures participate in discussions. So, haters of quadrupeds consider them useless beings, and supporters, on the contrary, assert the rights of pets. However positive influence on a home atmosphere of dogs and cats is scientifically proved today.

Influence of a Dog on a Home Atmosphere

Exists a number of good reasons to take in the house of the four-leg friend.

the Main arguments looks as follows:

Existence of an Animal in the House

Devotion and sincere feelings of dogs

A dog in the house

  1. Existence of an animal in the house disciplines owners . It is caused by the fact that every day in any weather the person needs to walk the pet. At the same time the possibility that the owner will sleep till a lunch is excluded or to sit up long on a visit. The thought that the house is waited by the devoted friend allows to see ordinary things in a different way. At all dog breeders a certain daily routine is formed. Similar qualities then favorably influence professional activity.
  2. Purchase of a puppy gives to the person the chance to expand own circle of contacts. The matter is that during walking of the pet it is possible to find adherents with whom then to share impressions, to discuss problems, etc. Besides, it is considered that representatives have sorts dog the relations with the owner and the hostess are formed absolutely differently. So, with the woman there can be firm friendship and also the love similar on maternal. Psychologists consider that the reason is in an instinct at women and feeling of safety which they tests near the pet. Men treat the pupils having a tail absolutely differently, first of all for them it is partners with whom it is possible to spend free time cheerfully.
  3. Devotion and sincere feelings of dogs can work real miracles . Scientists proved that owners of dogs transfer stressful situations much easier, also hearts are less subject to insomnia and diseases of vessels.
  4. of the Dog help to create the comfortable atmosphere in the house . Children and parents have general occupations — education and care of the pet. Training of an animal, joint trips to the nature, visit of exhibitions — all this promotes formation of cordial relations and trust.
  5. Presence of an animal in the house favorably influences a physical condition of the owner. It is caused by the fact that the person needs to come for walks regularly. Thus also own health and physical shape is kept.
  6. The dog is capable to brighten up everyday life, she will not allow the owner to feel loneliness. In the opinion of an animal it is possible to see sincerity and unconditional love. It is remarkable that dumb animals love not for something, and contrary to. When to the owner it is bad, the canine friend takes great pain to support him.
  7. Animals are capable to prolong life to the owners . Elderly people care for the dogs the same as for children. Only one thought that the dog will be on street unnecessary forces the person to fight for life and more attentively to treat the health.

of the Dog — the best friends of the person.

Scientific it is proved that they favorably influence not only physical and psychological human health, but also have a positive impact on the atmosphere in the house.

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