• Dec 27, 2019

the Irish wolfhound – a huge dog who is distinguished by appeasable and affectionate character.

 Irish wolfhound of a photo On a photo: Irish wolfhound. Photo:

Irish wolfhound: characteristic of breed

The Irish wolfhound – one of the largest breeds of dog. They have a deep breast and the long body covered with rigid wool.

Consider that the Irish wolfhound needs serious physical activities so may support these dogs in city conditions to be problematic if there is no opportunity to organize full walking. The Irish wolfhounds willingly join in any games in the fresh air.

The Irish wolfhounds are faithful, reliable, friendly dogs who perfectly get on with other pets and with children.

Remember that the Irish wolfhound grows long, and the two-year-old dog can be clumsy as a puppy. It needs to be considered in the course of training.

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