• Jan 9, 2020

The character of an Italian greyhound is distinguished by such qualities as devotion, tenderness and humility. These dogs always listen to the owner and entirely trust him.

The Grey Italian Italian Greyhound Costs on a Photo Grass

On a photo: Italian greyhound. Photo: wikipedia

Features of character of an Italian greyhound

Owing to easy, sociable temper of an Italian greyhound have no tendency to destructive behavior. The only thing that can induce to behave badly them itself" is a violence from owners or a severe stress. It is shy and timid dogs.

On character of an Italian greyhound are playful and easily study so can become excellent partners.

Italian greyhounds are extraordinary sensitive to mood of the owner and best of all feel in a quiet situation. If the situation in family intense, a dog is nervous. If the Italian greyhound is frightened, her character changes: she becomes excited and irritable.

the Italian greyhound is a borzoi so they like to run. Besides these dogs perfectly jump and can climb on high fences.

Italian greyhounds – fragile creations therefore they watchfully concern larger dogs, and can pursue smaller dogs or cats. However they perfectly get on with other representatives of breed.

Character of an Italian greyhound in relation to children

An Italian greyhound – not the best option for family with children, especially preschool age, and it it is necessary to consider, making the decision to get a dog.

An Italian greyhound – fragile creation which thinks of questions of own safety very much. And rough games from the child will easily provoke a doggie to protection. So communication of an Italian greyhound and the child has to take place only under vigilant control of adults for whom the wellbeing both a dog, and the child is not indifferent.

Besides, Italian greyhounds are irritated by the noise and vanity made by children. Also it is necessary to provide to a dog an opportunity to take refuge in the quiet and quiet place as soon as it has such desire.

Do not allow children to torment a dog at all, to treat roughly her, to disturb during sleep or food. Also do not leave the small child alone with the pet.

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