• Jan 9, 2020

The history of breed the Italian greyhound (the Italian Italian greyhound) originates in an extreme antiquity.

Italian Greyhound at a Photo Exhibition

On a photo: Italian greyhound. Photo:

It agrees one of versions, there were these doggies in Ancient Egypt from where got to Greece and Rome. And already from Rome they began to extend to other countries of Europe. But the most popular all of them remained in Italy.

The history of breed the Italian greyhound contains many legends.

One of them says that the Pharaoh's successor was obliged to an Italian greyhound by the rescue. The cruel Persian tsar Kambiz killed the Pharaoh and members of his family during conquest of Egypt, and threw the boy in the desert. And the child would die if not a faithful Italian greyhound who warmed the child at night and protected from enemies. The doggie constantly shivered from cold and nervousness, and such "pedigree line" as "awe of an Italian greyhound" appeared then.

The name the Italian greyhound was assigned to these dogs in the period of the Middle Ages. The French word lievre meaning "hare" formed a basis. Italian greyhounds were not only decoration of locks, but also hunters – helped to get partridges and hares.

Officially breed is called Picco Levriero Italiano (The small Italian borzoi).

Blossoming in the history of breed an Italian greyhound fell on 16 – 17 centuries. These dogs were represented on cloths by great painters (Van Dyck, Titian and others), they became muses for sculptors and partners for influential owners. For example, Italian greyhounds were very much loved by governors of England.

However at the beginning of the 19th century the popularity of breed declined, and in its restoration the role of Great Britain is invaluable. However, and here the breed was nearly ruined by passion of the population to more and more tiny doggies. And if not creation of English, and later – American kennel-clubs which approved the standard of breed is unknown, Italian greyhounds would remain up to now. Nevertheless, great efforts it was worth restoring breed. Only in 1910 Italian greyhounds were removed from group of dwarfish dogs.

To the middle of the 20th century of an Italian greyhound were extremely rare breed of dog. And only from 60th years of the 20th century their quantity began to grow steadily.

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