• Jan 9, 2020

Leaving and keeping of an Italian greyhound are, as a rule, not too burdensome, however have the features.

The Red Italian Greyhound Costs a Photo

On a photo: Italian greyhound. Photo: wikipedia

Wool at an Italian greyhound short so it is simple to look after her. You need to bathe a dog as required and to regularly wipe a silky hair with a towel.

An important part of care of an Italian greyhound – toothbrushing. It will prevent formations of a scale.

Claws of an Italian greyhound are cut off as required by means of the special nail clipper.

An important part of the correct care of an Italian greyhound – competent walks. Remember that, despite the tiny size, all this borzois which need regular physical activities. The minimum duration of walks with an Italian greyhound – 2 hours a day. And these dogs will be grateful to you for jogs, let and short.

Remember that in the winter these doggies freeze so it is necessary to buy for them suitable comfortable clothes in advance.

Also you should not forget about intellectual loadings and games for a dog is a necessary part of care of an Italian greyhound too.

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