• May 21, 2019


An Italian greyhound – the playful and easily trained creation, however is features of training and education of an Italian greyhound which need to be considered.

The Blue Italian Greyhound Close Up Inclined the Head on One Side of a Photo

On a photo: Italian greyhound. Photo: wikipedia

Features of education and training of an Italian greyhound

  • the Italian greyhound easily studies, however monotonous occupations cast over her boredom. And the started missing Italian greyhound loses any interest in training and begins to shirk occupations. Lessons for an Italian greyhound have to be short and various.
  • Education and training of an Italian greyhound begin from the first day of appearance of a puppy in your house.
  • Training of a puppy of an Italian greyhound takes place only in a game.
  • Roughness – bad help in education and training of an Italian greyhound. The best method of training – a positive reinforcement.

to What can teach an Italian greyhound?

As well as any dog, an Italian greyhound it is necessary to acquire the main and most important teams: "To me", "Nearby", It "is impossible" "to Sit", "Lie", "Stand", "Faugh", "Place". It is guarantee of your tranquility and safety of a dog in any situation.

But, certainly, you can not be limited to this "living wage".

In a game you can teach an Italian greyhound to a set of amusing tricks and also prepare it for participation in competitions in freestyle, dog agility and even обидиенс.



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