• Dec 27, 2019
 Jack Russell Terrier
Jack Russell Terriers – brave, vigorous, hardy, bright doggies of the small size. Character at a Jack Russell Terrier independent, however the attention of people to it is necessary as the breath of life. Jack Russell Terriers are sleek-haired and wire-haired.
Brought Jack Russell Terriers for hunting for rats, and still these dogs did not lose hunting qualities though now, are generally used as partners and athletes. But on walk nevertheless you should not lower them from a lead.
Thanks to the cheerfulness, Jack Russell Terriers very quickly became popular around the world. However the popularity played a dirty trick with them: now, to find a good puppy, it is necessary to choose nursery very captiously.
Brave and hardy Buti of breed a Jack Russell Terrier – the only dog who visited both the Northern, and the South Pole.
Excessive bark
Relation with children
Aggression to other dogs
Information on breed
Country of origin Great Britain
of Use of breed Hunting, partner
Life expectancy Up to 16 years
Growth in withers of 25 — 30 cm
Weight of 5 — 6 kg
Special attention Excessive activity
Physical activity Intensive

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