• Dec 18, 2019

Nature of a Japanese chin: features

The nature of a Japanese chin — the embodiment of fervent self-confidence. This is the son of the East very living, but full of advantage who only and dreams to be the focus of attention and awfully is upset if his caress rejects.

Representatives of breed have high intelligence and sense of humour. They are capable to listen infinitely to the owner — and you will be absolutely sure that the pet understands you. He thinly feels mood of each family member and does everything to create the comfortable, pacified atmosphere in the house.

On character a Japanese chin is cheerful, adores walking and playing with all family members.

of These doggies often call "a cat in a dog skin". They very much like to clamber on any high places therefore you watch that the pet did not fall down from there.

Japanese chins are full of advantage and do not bark furiously in vain. Though on a call to a door will respond — that to warn you.

These dogs are clean and can diligently clean long themselves, washing a pad.
the Japanese chin is quite capable to keep the company to the elderly person. They are quiet and peaceful, do not love excess vanity. And the gentle, pliable disposition of a Japanese chin allows to recommend representatives of breed even to people without experience of keeping of dogs.
But loneliness of cinchona do not transfer therefore will not suit very busy owners for the whole day leaving a dog to miss in the apartment.

Japanese chins treat other animals calmly and violently rejoice to meetings with other representatives of the breed. But it is hardly reasonable to support them in one house with very large relatives — the kid cinchona can be crippled in a game.

Japanese chins easily study, perfectly cope and do not break the bans. They will hardly win training or dog agility competitions, but also several tricks to them quite can master the main commands for safe and convenient life. The positive reinforcement, a praise and yum-yum has to become the main method of training.

To be fair we will notice
that if you neglect elementary education and training, then you can catch the mean and uncontrollable pet. But to achieve such pedagogical neglect, it is necessary to try very much.

that because of a short muzzle these dogs snore, grunt, rattle and make a set of other strange sounds.
breed of a dog Japanese chin of a photo On a photo: Japanese chin. > of the Photo it is provided to i by nursery "Solar country"

the Nature of a Japanese chin in relation to children

the Japanese chin — a friendly dog who is capable to find a common language with any family member. He treats children of any age calmly. However you should not bring the representative of breed to family with small children. Not because the doggie can do much harm somehow to the kid. On the contrary: impetuous manifestations of children's love can seriously injure and even to cripple the gentle pet.

In addition, Japanese chins not really love noise and bustle. To them quiet, measured life is more to liking.

the Authority for a Japanese chin can be only the adult or responsible teenager capable to estimate the dignity of the little friend and to fall in love with it.

If a Japanese chin lives in family with children, your task — to teach children to treat a dog correctly. Also you should control process of their communication constantly. Do not allow the child to disturb the pet when he sleeps or eats, do not allow to select food at cinchona at all or it is rough to treat it.

However, any dog it is better not to leave alone with the small child.

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