• Dec 18, 2019
Education and training of a Japanese chin — business not too difficult. A Japanese chin — very quick-witted and bright doggie. He can be trained in anything. The laziness of the owner can become the main restriction.

Representatives of breed accurately read out your gestures, intonations and a mimicry. And if you do not stint a sincere praise after correctly executed exercise, the pet will be happy to please you again and again. And if you also offer yum-yum …

Even if you give
to training of a Japanese chin of only 5 minutes in day, the result will pleasantly surprise.
you Should not go in cycles in one exercise and to repeat it more 5th time in a row. The monotony will quickly bore the pet, he will just lay down on a floor and a plaintive look will beg to stop torture. Combine exercises, constantly change their sequence.

At education of a Japanese chin and training follow the principle "from simple to difficult". Do not grab everything at once. Also do not undertake the following command, previous is not acquired yet.

If the Japanese chin does to
something incorrectly, by rather firm voice to report about it to it. More strict measures of influence in education of a Japanese chin will only do much harm. Consider that at this doggie — very thin sincere organization.
Japanese Chin of a Photo On a photo: Japanese chin

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