• Dec 18, 2019

Care of a Japanese chin has the features.
the Japanese chin leads not too active lifestyle. It will be quite satisfied by slow daily walks and some active game.
Japanese Chin of the Photo
On a photo: Japanese chin. The photo is provided by nursery "Solar country"
Representatives of breed can live only in the house or in the apartment. On the street, in the box or the open-air cage they do not fit.

is better to Walk the pet in a breast-band as the collar can injure a gentle neck.

the Important part of care of a Japanese chin — care of wool. At a Japanese chin silky, magnificent wool. However he is too clean often to be exposed to water procedures. Dry shampoo will help to look good and smell to the favourite. If you decided to bath a dog, surely well wipe her and carefully comb.

Representatives of breed fade, but if you regularly comb out the pet, the house will not be filled by wool shreds.
to avoid formation of koltun, every day comb a Japanese chin.
the Correct care of a Japanese chin is inconceivable without hygienic procedures.
2 — 3 times a week to a canine friend will need to brush teeth.
As required (as a rule, 1 — 2 time a month) cut off claws of special kogterezky. But be careful not to touch blood vessels.
Weekly check ears of a Japanese chin. The unpleasant smell or reddening can be symptoms of an infection.
you Watch that on a little body of a dog there were no wounds, reddenings, rashes.
of an Eye of a Japanese chin have to be clean and clear.
is better to Accustom a puppy of a Japanese chin to hygienic procedures from the earliest age. You praise the pet for good behavior — and he will perceive necessary manipulations quietly.
Japanese Chin Dog of a Photo On a photo: Japanese chin. The photo is provided by nursery "Solar country"

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