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Standard of breed Japanese chin of FCI No. 206/02.09.2009 /

ORIGIN: Japan.


ПРИМЕНЕНИЕ: собака-компаньон. 

FCI CLASSIFICATION: Group 9 Partners and that. Sektsiya8. Japanese chin and Pekinese. Without working tests.

SHORT ISTORICHESKAYASPRAVKA: Vsootvetstviye with ancient documents is considered that ancestors of hin were transferred вдар from governors of Korea (at the time of Sil's dynasty, 377-395) to the yaponskomuimperatorsky yard in 372. In the next 100 years to Japan there was a zavezenobolshy quantity of hin. In chronicles it is directly said that emissaries, посланныев China (at the time of a dynasty the Tung tree, 618-910) and North Korea (in vremenadinastiya Across Hyai, 698-926), returned with dogs of this breed. In Shogunat Tsunayosha's periodpravleniye Tokugawa (1680-1709) in the Edo Lock breed of an uzherazvodila as room decorative doggies.
B 1613 British - the captain Sirlis brought hin to England, and in 1853 the American commodore Perridostavil of several such dogs to the USA, two of which were presented to an angliyskoykoroleva of Victoria.
C of 1868 of cinchona of a bylipriznana room doggies for ladies of the high society, and then received a shirokoyerasprostraneniye as dogs partners.
GENERAL IMPRESSION: the Doggie of the small size a sshiroky muzzle covered with plentiful wool, elegant and graceful.
IMPORTANT PROPORTIONS: the Ratio of height to a dlinekorpus is equal in withers. The case a bough is slightly longer.
BEHAVIOUR/TEMPERAMENT: Clever, balanced, charming.
Skull: Wide and roundish.
Stop: Deep and pressed.
Nose: Nose bridge very short ishiroky. The lobe of a nose is on one straight line with eyes, color of a nose of a chernyyila saturated corporal, according to color spots. Nostrils are well open.
Jaws / teeth: Teeth white and strong a straight line прикусжелателен, but the nozhnitseobrazny bite or having a snack are resolved.
Eyes: Big, round, are widely placed, brilliant, black color.
Ears: Long, triangular, trailing, covered with long wool widely put.
NECK: Quite short, vysokogopostava.
Back: Short and direct.
Waist: Wide, slightly roundish.
Breast: Moderately wide, deep sumerenno svodisty edges.
Stomach: it is Well tightened.
TAIL: It is covered beautiful, plentiful, длиннойшерстью will throw on a back.
FRONT EXTREMITIES: the Forearm direct, thin-boned, the back side of a below-elbow is well dressed by the decorating hair.
BACK EXTREMITIES: Hind legs with moderate corners. The back side of hips is dressed by the long decorating wool.
PAWS: Small, a hare form, it is desirable with brushes.
MOVEMENTS: Elegant, easy and pride.
WOOL: Silky, direct and long. Vsyotelo, except a front part, it is covered with plentiful wool. Ears, a neck, hips also hvostimet the rich decorating hair.
COLOUR: White with black or red spots. Spots are symmetrically distributed beginning from area around eyes, cover ears, an atakzha the case where their balance is welcomed too. Osobennozhelatelna wide white a protorank from a nose bridge to the top part of the head.
SIZE: Height in withers: at dogs about 25 cm. Boughs are slightly lower, than dogs.
SHORTCOMINGS: Any deviation from vysheukazannykhpunkt has to be considered as a shortcoming, the gravity kotorogorastsenivatsya precisely in proportion to extent of its influence on health iblagopoluchy dogs.
  • Any color of a nose, except black, for white dogs with black spots.
  • Nedokus, the bent lower jaw.
  • the Continuous white color without spots, one spot on a face.
  • Shyness.
Any dog who is obviously showing physical or behavioural deviations has to be disqualified.
Note: Dogs have to have two normal testicles which are completely lowered in a scrotum.
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