• Jan 8, 2020
Kan Corso — classical powerful mastiffs without folds on skin. Wool short, dense and quite rigid.
to Cana corso are used Now as dogs partners and security guards, and in this quality they well prove.
As Cana corso — extremely powerful dogs, are required for them physical exercises. But at the same time they are not too playful so you should work to think over the program of a training.
is Very important to train and socialize from early age a puppy to Cana corso, otherwise you risk to grow up the dog very aggressive on the attitude both towards the relatives, and towards strangers. And aggressive to Cana corso is a time bomb.
Excessive bark
Relation with children
Aggression to other dogs
Information on breed
Country of origin Italy
of Use of breed Working
Life expectancy of 9 — 12 years
Growth in withers of 60 — 68 cm
Weight of 40 — 50 kg
Special attention Early socialization
Physical activity Moderate

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