• Jan 8, 2020

Why keeskhonda?

Earlier I took care of guard dogs, but at some point I wanted to get family dog.

Keeskhonda – very compact, trained, convenient, family dogs.

Keeskhond with a Photo Frisbee Disk

Keeskhond is a timeserver. It is necessary to be engaged with any dog, including with keeskhondy, but dogs of this breed not necessarily need special training or sport. Household obedience is enough that кеесхонд perfectly lived together with you and if to be engaged in special training – will perfectly work. Our dogs are engaged dog agility and frizb and can compete at competitions to many other breeds. That is, if we play some sports or "working specialty" – we receive result, we are not engaged – just comfortably we live near a dog. This fundamental difference from more "serious" breeds.

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For example if you get a Border Collie, to it constantly need some work. And if you do not occupy this dog, she will find to herself occupation. And whether you will like it – already your problem. Keeskhonda not such.

Nature of a keeskhond

I consider extremely important, choosing breed, to learn for what this breed was removed – it defines character of a dog. And if huskies, for example, were removed to run, then кеесхонд was removed to be near the person. They were always partners and never "worked" as either security guards, or hunters.

Keeskhond Runs on a Photo Grass

Keeskhond is the dog who is extraordinary focused on the person. And the contact with the person is extremely important for it. Therefore if I am called and ask a doggie "in the private sector, to the open-air cage", my first question: how many will you see at the same time your dog? If there is not enough communication, the dog grows nervous and silly, will be torn to all passersby and to shout.

It is extremely important to communicate with keeskhondy, especially till 1 year. I do not speak about stay near a dog 24 hours 7 days a week, but it is important to find for a dog time. However, it belongs to any breed.

of Observation of the manufacturer: Puppies of a keeskhond, as well as almost all puppies, adore gnawing something. And till 1 year we endured this "remarkable" period погрызух. And my dogs began to gnaw at more advanced age, than it "is accepted" — closer by 7 months though, apparently, teeth already exchanged. But approximately in 1.5 months it passed.

Keeskhonda – very cheerful and positive, they adore playing and playing about. Not without reason one of secret names of breeds – "The Smiling Dutch".

Without being hunters, they do not chase birdies (if, of course, it is not necessary for me that he chased them), cats or other dogs. And if it happens, they very easily cope, react on подзыв.

of Observation of the manufacturer: Keeskhonda treat children very well. To my senior dog – 10 years, and daughters – 8. It is natural when the baby spread, first of all he crawled to a dog and a finger counted teeth. The sleepyhead, our dog, only turned away. The sleepyhead suffered when she was dressed – in the winter, at the switched-on batteries, got on a cap and turned in a warm blanket. So at keeskhond the patience of job.

Keeskhond and Child of a Photo

Education and training of a keeskhond

Keeskhond is perfectly operated dog. But in case you with her are engaged. If you are not engaged, he just will not understand what you want from it.

Recommendation of the manufacturer: Many ask from what age it is necessary to be engaged with keeskhondy. To be engaged with a dog it is necessary to begin during that instant when she crossed a threshold of your house, without waiting for 6, 9 months or 1.5 years.

You should not wait until there is any problem (and they arise very easily if "to work" on it). Many complain: oh, my dog begs. So you for this purpose made everything! The puppy sits, claps eyes, owners be touched what he is a good fellow, and put a piece. And what he is a fool, perhaps – not to use? It once again will clap eyes. If it was given a piece from here, it also will begin it to get here – he is clever! Nobody explained what so cannot be done.

And if it "is impossible" to tell — it will not do it. Well, maybe, not at once. Perhaps, it is necessary it "is impossible" to repeat many times.

Keeskhonda very easily study, and there are cases when owners take already quite adult dogs (5 – 6 years are more senior), are engaged with them in training and win first place in competitions. Naturally, it is simpler to achieve result, having begun to be engaged with a little puppy, but even with a dog is more senior quite really to receive excellent results.

Keeskhond Breaks a Photo Barrier

With my average dog we began to be engaged in a clicker approximately at 2-hletny age, with a younger dog – months with 5. Yes, with more senior dog of time it is required a little bit more, but in general – there is no special difference. The main thing – to aim.

Recommendation of the manufacturer: It is better to train a keeskhond at a positive. Keeskhond will not work under pressure. He will make, but this skill very not for long will hold on. But if it is made on a positive, then will be accurate and steady.

There is an opinion that the partners who are not trained. These are nonsenses. All trained. There are even a basset and a Shar-Pei who dance freestyle, and dance divinely! And these breeds are considered not trained. What to tell about keeskhonda?

It is simpler to motivate Keeskhond on food, they are quite strong food industry workers. It is possible and play, but on it time is required, and it is important to play them correctly. At us even initially playing was constructed on food, and even now I continue to support a game with food.

Keeskhond can be taught practically anything. Except, probably, protective guard duty – in this case it is worth choosing breed which especially for these purposes was removed. It is not supposed that the family dog will be something or someone to protect.

Keeskhond in Dog Agility of a Photo

of the Photo of keeskhond from personal archive of Elena Turenkova

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