• May 12, 2019

of Hozyaev of thoroughbred dogs quite often think of puppies. Not always knitting takes place successfully. To achieve pregnancy and to ensure comfort and safety of the favourite pet, the owner has to take care of all details. There are 7 things which need to be known about knitting of dogs. Studying of the dog becomes the first step. Already from the first techka the owner creates the diary in which notes the state of health and health of the favourite, thanks to it further it will be simpler to be prepared for copulation.

Knitting of dogs: 7 facts which will provide success

Main details of preparation

Experts consider that only the third techka is suitable for knitting. Earlier you should not carry out copulations, at young age problems with health and nervous system can become consequences. To begin to prepare follows in one and a half months.

It will give time to make all necessary tests and are necessary to consider preparation details.

Bacteriological Analysis

Assessment of Readiness for Copulation of Dogs

  1. Bacteriological analysis . Thanks to check on a bacterium and an infection it is possible to prevent diseases during pregnancy and also unpleasant diagnoses at puppies.
  2. Processing from parasites . For prevention it is necessary to carry out hygienic procedures from fleas, ticks, louses. There is enough in house conditions to use special shampoo.
  3. Expulsion of helminths . It is the best of all to use medicines with a wide range.
  4. Course of inoculations. It is carried out in 7 days after knitting. It prevents infection of the pet with widespread diseases.
  5. Assessment of readiness for copulation. The ovulation period will be ideal. The loop boughs will be soft, allocations will appear.
  6. Choice of the place . It has to be the quiet territory with a nonskid covering. It is possible to carry out copulation in the spacious room with a carpet.
  7. the First contact . By the first into the room it is let a bough, it needs 10 to accustom minutes, then the dog can enter.

At exact observance of these simple rules is high probability that knitting will take place successfully.

It is also necessary to consider that at least one animal from couple has to be skilled. Otherwise they can strongly get into a fuss.

Carrying out knitting

Carrying Out Knitting of Dogs

Owners have to be near the pets. The help in statement of a position is sometimes necessary. Usually about 10−20 minutes the dog looks after, can sniff or roar on a bough. When animals are ready, the lady accepts a rack, takes away a tail and straightens hinder legs. The male is attached behind and leans on hinder legs. At emergence of problems owners can help dogs to get up in the necessary situation.

the First signs of pregnancy come in 2−3 weeks after the delivery. At expectation of posterity it is important to address the veterinarian and to observe his recommendations.

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