• Jan 30, 2020

of Feature of character of a Labrador

The Labrador is an excellent working dog, strong, active and vigorous, very dexterous. They are distinguished by magnificent intuition, a soft grasp when giving a game, they adore swimming. At the same time in character of a Labrador the goodwill, steadiness, complaisance and patience are combined. Manifestation of aggression or cowardice – unacceptable defect of character of a Labrador.

Clever and bright, Labradors easily adapt to new conditions, well give in to training. These dogs are universal, they effortlessly master "profession" of the watchman, rescuer, guide, a rozysknik and also just faithful and devoted partner. Instructions of the owner are followed with pleasure.

the Character of a Labrador dictates to
that they seek to become the full member of family, constantly require attention and very much try to please and bring benefit. If the pet has an opportunity to follow you on heels and to take feasible part in all (all!) affairs, he will be happy. The loneliness for them is intolerable, it is worth remembering it, making the decision to get a Labrador.

However all these great qualities of character of a Labrador are shown fully only in case you do not regret time and forces on education and training of a dog.

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