• Dec 4, 2019
the American Staffordshire terrier — an unpretentious dog. However leaving for amstaffy has features which need to be considered.
the Puppy of the American Staffordshire terrier needs the quiet place where will comfortably feel. Think over a question of placement even before emergence in the house of the new family member.
Obligatory item of expenditure — toys. Otherwise the kid will gnaw everything what his teeth will reach.
Amstaffy are afraid of cold, and at a temperature below — 15 degrees Celsius dress them.
the Moderate heat does not constitute danger, but in midday summer sun it is worth refraining from long walk.
the Important part of leaving for amstaffy — the correct walking. The representative of breed needs at least two full walks a day. The quality is more important than duration. Useful will be to take pieces of delicacy and a toy to combine walk with a session of training and an active game.
Physical activity for an amstaff at early age has to be dosed. Otherwise there can be problems with joints.
In the public place амстафф has to be in a muzzle of the suitable size.
is Extremely important also hygienic leaving for amstaffy.
  • After walk examine a stomach, paws and the pet's ears.
  • the Pet needs to be combed regularly a rubber brush and to wash several times a year.
  • Ears check weekly that otitis or an allergy did not develop.
  • Toothbrushing is made in clinic.
  • Claws cut.

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