• Dec 14, 2019

Leaving for Boston terrier is not too burdensome, however there are nuances which need to be considered.

Though Boston terriers are playful and active, too big loadings for them do not bear advantage. To them enough measured walks and games which have more intellectual focus, than physical.

Boston terrier not too well transfers temperature differences so if you take a dog in a travel, consider this feature. During cold weather Boston terriers is dressed. During a heat preserve the pet against overheating.

Care of wool Boston terrier simple. Wool is enough to be combed once a week and to bathe if necessary. But here the muzzle needs to be wiped regularly – better to use wet towel wipes. Take into account that at Boston terriers quite strong salivation.

Boston terrier not really intensively fades, and at this time wool is combed out a special brush.

In leaving for Boston terrier an important role is played by care of eyes as eyes – a weak point of these dogs. You watch that the infection did not get into them.

2 times a month Boston terrier it is necessary to cut claws the special nail clipper.

 Boston terrier with the raised photo paw

On a photo: Boston terrier. Photo: selectadogbreed.com

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