• Jan 8, 2020

 gray кеесхонд costs in autumn foliage in the park
On a photo: кеесхонд

Leaving for keeskhondy has specifics which need to be considered.

the Important part of leaving for keeskhondy — the correct care of wool.
Wool of a keeskhond vlyuchat an underfur and ostevy a hair. If attentively to consider an underfur, you will see that it consists of the separate curling hairs. Its so unique structure allows to support ostevy a hair vertically to provide excellent heat insulation both during winter cold, and during a summer heat.
The better you comb the pet's wool, the heat insulation is better. But if not to look after an underfur, it loses useful properties. Therefore wool always has to be combed, clean and dry.
Keeskhond has no specific smell that is great advantage at room contents.
the Wrong care of wool is fraught with emergence of serious problems, including fungal and bacterial infections.
the Hairstyle breaks natural structure of wool, it can lead to pollution and damage of an underfur. So it is better not to cut this dog, even in the summer.
If nevertheless decided to tonsure the pet, choose option "under a lion".
of Excessive use of conditioners and conditioners also should be avoided.
If not to delete a dead underfur, skin loses an opportunity "to breathe", there is a risk of inflammation.
Hygienic leaving for keeskhondy is also important. Do not forget to look after teeth, ears and eyes of a keeskhond and to cut off claws.

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