• Mar 12, 2019

Pets need constant attention. Any canine friend cannot ideally behave. Dogs often spoil pieces of furniture, leave marks on carpets, etc. To avoid troubles, owners of animals are offered to note 10 life hacks which will be useful to each owner of a dog.

10 life hacks which will be useful to each owner of a dog

Care of the pet

These simple recommendations will help the owner of the pet to avoid many troubles. Wishing to make life of a canine friend happier, it is necessary to listen to the following councils :

Put in a Bowl a Ball for Tennis

  1. to Put in a bowl a ball for tennis . He will force a dog is more slowly and will save from overeating.
  2. If it is necessary to transport the favourite by car, should prepare for it the place , having built it from a laundry basket and a pillow. Probability that the pet will peacefully oversleep all trip is high and will not bring any trouble.
  3. The dog needs to cut off claws? That to distract him, can use peanut butter , it is adored practically by all dogs.
  4. Transporting an animal in the car, it is necessary to record a lead under a roof . Then it will be possible not to be afraid that the doggie will want to jump out of a window for a cat.

With approach of summer of a dog fade, leaving the wool lumps sticking to clothes on a floor and a bed. That it was simpler to get rid of them, it is necessary to use a wet kitchen glove.

Additional life hacks

Pets do life brighter, more interesting and more positive. Communication with them gives great pleasure, but sometimes brings a lot of trouble. to avoid the unpleasant moments, it is necessary to adopt several checked life hacks:

If the Pet Made a Pool on a Carpet

It Is Necessary to Put on the Pupil a Rubber Hat for a Shower.

  1. If the pet made a pool on a carpet, usual soda which will be in any house will help to remove an urine smell. It is necessary to fill a small amount of powder on the problem place, to wait and vacuum a little it.
  2. If there is a wish that the pet had healthy teeth, it is necessary to smear with toothpaste his favourite toy and to allow it to chew. Quicker to achieve result, it is necessary to repeat the procedure every day.
  3. During a summer heat there is nothing more pleasantly, than to enjoy fragrant ice cream. Dogs wish to be cooled in such weather too. To give to the favourite pleasure, it is necessary to put in the freezer chicken wings mixed up with small pieces of apple and to give it for lunch.

the Majority of dogs adores lapping in water. That water did not get into ears, before water procedures it is necessary to put on the pet a rubber hat for a shower.

Before winter walk should grease paws of a dog with vaseline to prevent their frostbite.

These councils will surely be useful to dog lovers who do not represent the life without devoted shaggy friend.

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