• May 31, 2019

Many pets are so betrayed to owners that are ready to run purposefully any risks, saving the owner and his family. About 10 unique cases of rescue of people are for the last few years registered by dogs, and the life price for an animal at this moment does not matter any more.

10 unique cases of rescue of people dogs

For a long time it is considered a commonplace that dogs work as rescuers, protect property, warn about earthquakes and warm with the heat babies. But sometimes pets make it that does not give in to an explanation, and do it absolutely consciously.

Rescue of the Person Dog

So, 10 most strange stories:

The Dog Saved from a Bear

The Golden Retriever of Toby Saved the Hostess from Suffocation

The Dog Found the Chest Girl in Kenya

  1. In Moscow area, during evening walk with the hostess and her five-year-old daughter, the German shepherd died from electric shock. The dog snapped at the bared electric wire if she did not make it, mother and the child could die.
  2. Tiffany Meryl (USA) released on walk of a dwarfish pudelk and left a door to the house slightly opened. The bear seized this opportunity and tried to get into the dwelling . Little Pikl distracted on himself attention of an animal, and Tiffany during this time managed to close an entrance door. The courageous kid died from traumatized.
  3. History occurred in Nova Scotia in 1919 when on rocks threw out the ship onboard which there were 93 persons. The only chance to get on the land — a long ship rope by means of which the vessel could be held on to the coast which is rather close. Only the Newfoundland dog Tag who, despite a storm, could reach the earth with the rope which is strong clamped in a mouth could make it. All seamen were saved.
  4. In the Volgograd region children played with a ball, and it was left to passing row tram rails. The child who ran behind a toy did not notice the tram, but the watchdog playing with children pushed out the boy from a strip , however itself got under the wheels. The doggie survived, but the injured paw had to be amputated.
  5. The case occurred in Baltimore (USA). The doggie by nickname the Polo at the cost of the life saved the eight-months baby from the fire, having closed it the body. The girl saved by firefighters got only small burn on a hand.
  6. In Canada the little one of a chihuahua saved the eight-year-old hostess from the pit bull terrier who seized the girl. The doggie loud bark distracted attention of a dog until that released the child. Only after that the owner managed to drag a furious animal.
  7. The golden retriever of Toby saved the hostess from suffocation when that suddenly choked with apple. He did not become puzzled, pushed the woman to the floor and began to jump on her thorax until apple jumped out.
  8. Jemmy Hansson (the disabled person who lost a leg in road accident) watched TV when the cat who jumped on a table overturned a candle on a cloth and ignition began. The hostess could make nothing, but the old sheep-dog of Jesse pulled out her from the house and returned for the cat who is heart-rendingly shouting in the house. The woman got burns 3 degrees, and here the dog and a cat did not leave the burning house any more.
  9. A Labrador Angelina during an earthquake in Akila (Italy) did not let the hostess in the house which in a moment collapsed.
the dog found

the chest girl In Kenya and brought it to the puppies. The child was found after a while by the owner of a dog and transferred the kid to the authorities.

Dog feats can be listed long.

And though dogs have a self-preservation instinct too, their unusual acts can be explained only with sincere love to the person.

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