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Breed a Thai ridgeback dog – is from Thailand. This country was in long isolation from the whole world. For this reason the Thai ridgeback dog remained a riddle for the European dog breeders. Officially the breed was registered in FCI in 1993.

Thai ridgeback dog: a dog not for all>

Athletic, graceful and, undoubtedly, with original character — Thai ridgeback dogs are now and in Belarus. Let's talk about these surprising dogs to Olga Aleksandrovich, the owner already of three generations of Thai ridgeback dogs. Olga works 10 years as the film director at the National film studio Belarusfilm. Work at cinema is always the intense schedule, constant business trips. To get a dog for the cinema-man — very responsible step.

O.A.: In the principle to get a dog is a heavy responsibility. If it is a Thai ridgeback dog, then it is worth thinking very well before.

of : Why? These dogs are aggressive? Demand special leaving?

O.A.: Thai ridgeback dogs by the nature are not aggressive. They are strategists hunters. These are very clever dogs. At the same time they are self-sufficient and inclined to prepotent behavior. The Thai ridgeback dog will not execute the sit command on three hundred times and with awe to look at the same time at the owner. There is such concept of dog breeding as "bananas in ears" — this just about a Thai ridgeback dog. It when you lower a dog from a lead, she it seems also hears the owner, and far does not run away, but not at once approaches on command, preferring to be engaged in the in something "very important ". That is if you want to get a dog in order that she always and implicitly executed your commands, then it is better to elect the representative of other breed.

Recommendation of the expert: Thai ridgeback dogs need to be socialized from the earliest age (to give a start in life). If not to do it, the dog can show cowardice or aggression then.
Thai ridgeback dogs do not demand
of Special leaving: wool at them short, dogs only two times a year fade. They are very clean, have no specific smell of "dog", by the size are compact for accommodation in the same apartment. As well as any other dog, ridgebacks require attention to themselves.
: What of a color Thai ridgeback dogs are?
U them 4 recognized colors: red (the main and very popular in the homeland of breed in Thailand), black, blue, izabellovy (color of a petal of the blossoming lotus). Many manufacturers in Thailand call this color of "Lotus").

 a Thai ridgeback dog at an exhibition
: when at you did the Thai ridgeback dog appear?
O.A.: Since the childhood dreamed of that I had a dog. I fed up domestic dogs, spent time with them. The dream was fulfilled in 2011 when I understood that I will be able to provide a dog, to find for it enough time. Work at cinema — very intense, but it did not stop me. I long chose breed under my conditions of accommodation and employment at work, carefully studying information. In Belarus there were very few Thai ridgeback dogs. I brought the Richelieu from Odessa. He became the seventh Thai ridgeback dog in the Belarusian breeding book.
: How did your life with the advent of Richelieu change?
O.A.: Riesch it is very positive on the nature, is quiet therefore with him it is always easy. Special difficulties were not. I can quietly take it with myself in a business trip, in a travel. He can oversleep the whole road in the car.
: How accommodation in hotels with a dog?
O.A.: In Molodechno when we were on shootings, in principle could not stay in hotel with animals. But Riesch won the hearts of personnel and allowed it. Thai ridgeback dogs are very clean dogs. Besides, in number I never leave his one.
: And houses? As far as I know, at you there live Rishina children now: Riesling and Ricotta. And quite recently Ricotta gave birth to seven puppies! I congratulate on replenishment.
O.A.: Thanks. they stay at home some. There was anything. Both the laptop was gnawed, and a wire from the iPhone … But I never shouted at them, did not punish. Even when happy Ricotta brought me the head of my favourite chicken … ( Comment: Olga lives in the private house and holds hens that both were pleasing to the eye, and eggs were laid) Punishment has to be at the time of commission of undesirable action, but not then. What to me to punish for dog if she joyfully runs to me, showing her "production"? For the fact that she runs to me? No! I will not be able to explain to her that this punishment for what she made 5 minutes ago. Also and with the gnawed things.
Opinion of the expert: It is necessary to understand that a Thai ridgeback dog — hunting breed and instincts nobody cancelled.
 fight of Thai ridgeback dogs
of : Came for hunting really?
O.A.: Yes, and it must be said that there dogs were like a duck to water. Besides, it is very beautiful. Dogs quickly react to everything, their speed and dexterity bewitch. But! I train the dogs itself and I know that they left "in the field" (the hunting term) most prepared. My dogs of a pritravlena to a wild animal. They hear and understand my teams. But Thais beautifully will also correctly work only with Thais. They will just suppress hunting dogs of other breeds.

of : By the way, about beauty. What titles your dogs are awarded? Whether you participate in exhibitions.

O.A.: Yes, of course. I try to participate in many exhibitions. For example, Riesch at us it is awarded the title "CIB" (The international champion on beauty). Ricotta has titles "Young Champion of Breed" and "Young Grandee Champion of Belarus". But it is not all list.
 Thai ridgeback dog champion
of : Seven handsome who recently appeared, persons who are not titled yet?
O.A.: They still absolutely kids! He is only 2 months old, but in the future, I hope if their owners want to show dogs at exhibitions, then they them will become. By the way, handsome in family flowers at all of us. Riesch — an izabellovy color. Ricotta at me red color, and the father of newborns — black. Puppies of blue, black and red colors turned out.
 Thai ridgeback dog black
of : Olya, what you would advise those who want to get a Thai ridgeback dog?
O.A.: Before becoming the owner of this breed, properly weigh all pros and cons. These dogs with a certain character.

Opinion of the expert: Not to buy a dog of this breed for children at all!
the Thai ridgeback dog is dogs of one owner. Before acquisition of this breed future owners need to define among themselves who will be "leader" who will be initially engaged in education and training who will establish laws in "pack", to demand their execution and to punish. It is very important to understand and not to demand it from a Thai ridgeback dog impossible. But if you decide to get to yourself this dog — you receive the excellent friend and the sea of a positive.
of the Photo are provided by Olga Aleksandrovich, nursery of Night Keepish.

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