• Jan 9, 2020

In character of a maltese there are both pluses, and minuses.

 the Maltese in a photo rack

On a photo: maltese. Photo: wikipedia.org

Maltese: pluses and minuses of character

Undoubted pluses of character of a maltese following:

  • Tender temper.
  • Playfulness.
  • Devotion.
  • Activity.
  • Inquisitiveness
  • Ingenuity, malteses easily study even to difficult tricks.
  • Is suitable for the beginner or the elderly owner.
  • Perfectly feel in the small apartment.
  • Well get on with other animals.

Malteses adore all family members and are always ready to amuse them. Their vivacity is followed by frequent surges in activity, and the pet will invite you to play. However, the maltese itself also can rush tirelessly very long, even around.

There are in character of a maltese and minuses which, however, are only a reverse side of pluses :

  • Can use teeth if seems that the owner or members of his family are threatened by danger.
  • Are inclined to excessive bark.
  • Can show obstinacy.
  • Hardly transfer separation from the owner

The devotion and fearlessness are, of course, not minus, and plus character of a maltese, however depends on the owner whether it will be able to control behavior of the dog. These kids desperately rush on protection of the owner – not very well, from other dog or from the person, without reckoning with the opponent's sizes. At the same time they assess a situation not always soberly. And in case of wrong attack on "malefactor" who just passed by these remarkable qualities can pose a threat – including for the smallest doggie.

Character of a maltese in relation to children

A maltese – not the most suitable option for family with small children (8 years are younger). But not because the character of a maltese interferes with it. At all not, just small children who do not control the actions yet can unintentionally do harm to the fragile pet. Therefore if all of you decided to bring a maltese to family with children, your task – to ensure safety of a dog.

However the maltese can become the cheerful and devoted friend for the child of advanced age who is already capable to be responsible for the actions.

Anyway, strictly forbid children to disturb the pet at meal time or a dream, to prevent to retire and by force to hold if the dog was tired of communication. And do not leave a maltese alone with the small child at all.

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