• Jan 9, 2020

Care of a maltese quite labor-consuming, generally because of need regularly and carefully to look after wool. But only at the correct leaving the maltese will have an attractive appearance and it is good to feel.

 the Maltese with very long wool of a photo

On a photo: maltese. Photo: akc.org

Care of hair of a maltese

Care of hair of a maltese demands from the owner a lot of time and attention, especially if you plan exhibition career for the pet. The traditional length of hair of maltese – "in a floor".

Care of hair of a maltese includes frequent washing (weekly) and the subsequent careful combing then wool twists in hair curlers. And to keep appearance of a canine friend as it should be, perhaps, it is necessary to dress a dog in overalls. Wash malteses with use of special shampoo and the conditioner for dogs.

Comb malteses special hairbrushes. The confused wool is untangled by hands, use of koltunorez and slicker brushes is not allowed at all – they spoil structure of wool.

Wool around fingers and around an anus of a maltese has hair cut from time to time.

If you do not plan participation in exhibitions, hair of a maltese can be cut periodically (some owners do it 1 time in 3 months, some – once a year).

However you remember that hair of malteses grows long, so if you tonsured the pet, then you will be able to participate in exhibitions not earlier, than in a year. And sometimes after a hairstyle the structure of hair of maltese is not restored.

That wool on the head did not prevent a dog to see, it can be connected with the help of an elastic for hair.

Hygienic care of a maltese

It is necessary to watch that eyes and ears of a maltese were clean, without allocations, and if necessary to clean them.

Dacryagogue from eyes of a maltese leads to the fact that wool under eyes darkens so it is necessary to know how to avoid it, and it can be done, having removed the dacryagogue cause. The allergy, the grown hairs in corners of eyes, the wool falling on eyes or conjunctivitis can be the cause of dacryagogue at a maltese. If the reason is in the state of health, it is worth addressing the veterinarian immediately. If the cause is removed and it is necessary to remove wool darkening, it is possible to use cosmetics (creams, lotions, powders, etc.)

It is also necessary to cut claws of a maltese with the special nail clipper as required.

Walks – an important part of care of a maltese

The correct leaving for a maltese is inconceivable without competently organized walking. As well as any other dog, a maltese has to walk not less than 2 hours a day. Also the pet will be grateful to you for games and training in various useful skills during walk.

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