• Feb 27, 2019

the Anemia, or anemia at dogs is the kliniko-hematologic syndrome which is characterized by decrease in number of erythrocytes and concentration of hemoglobin in animal blood. The started forms of this pathology lead to violation of supply of an organism with oxygen and to development of the whole range of system diseases. For this reason it is so important to owners of dogs to have the most complete idea of the reasons of appearance of anemia in dogs, symptoms of this disease and methods of its treatment.

Anemia at Dogs

of the Cause

Anemia is a polietiologichesky pathology.

The Anemia Reasons at Dogs

Depending on the causes allocate 4 types of an anemia at dogs :

  • post-hemorrhagic, developed against the background of massive blood loss;
  • hemolytic, caused by damage and destruction of erythrocytes;
  • hypoplastic or aplastic, connected with violations in work of a system of blood formation;
  • combined, combining 2 and more groups of the reasons.

the Factors provoking development of anemia in dogs can become injuries, parasitic invasions, tumors of internals, decrease in coagulability of blood, poisoning with toxins and chemicals, a hypothyroidism and autoimmune diseases.

Besides, the risk of emergence of pathological process at pets increases at the improper or poor nutrition.

Symptoms and ways of diagnostics

Diagnosis of Anemia at a Dog

At anemia at dogs supply of bodies and fabrics with oxygen significantly worsens.

Therefore development of pathological process is followed :

  • indifference to the events around;
  • slackness, decrease of the activity;
  • fast fatigue;
  • increase of pulse and breath;
  • pallor or cyanosis of mucous membranes.

the Main methods of diagnostics of an anemia are an anamnesis research, the general and biochemical blood tests.

For clarification of the reasons which provoked development of pathological process, animal it can be directed to passing of additional researches — the analysis a calla on bloody impurity and parasites, biopsies of marrow, tests for genetic diseases and endoscopies.

Methods of treatment and prevention

Treatment at an anemia depends on a type of pathology and a condition of a dog.

Treatment of Anemia at Dogs

the Scheme of therapy can include :

  • intravenous infusions of nutritious solutions;
  • blood transfusion or its components;
  • purpose of antibacterial medicines at infectious diseases;
  • reception of vitamin and mineral complexes;
  • application of antiparasitic means;
  • transplantation of marrow and so forth

Exists a package of measures, directed to prevention of anemia at a pet.

It includes regular visits of the veterinarian, timely vaccination of an animal and fight against parasites, good and healthy nutrition, refusal of uncontrollable use of medicines and avoiding of contacts with toxic agents. Preventive actions allow to reduce risk of development of an anemia in a dog to zero .

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