• Apr 15, 2019

Puppies are born blind people, deafs and without teeth. Development of sense organs, important physiological skills, including ability to regulate body temperature, are formed gradually. To provide to the pet healthy jaws, the owner will be helped by understanding of 5 moments which need to be known about milk teeth of dogs.

Milk Teeth at Dogs

the First teeth and care of them

Dairy canines and cutters usually appear by third week of life of a puppy. To the fifth premolyara become visible. Growth rate depends on many aspects and usually does not demand fixed control.

Igrushki-gryzunki for Milk Teeth of Puppies

Factors which influence terms of emergence of teeth:

  • build — at small dogs eruption begins later, than at large;
  • genetic factors — for objective assessment need to be done the amendment on breed;
  • the state of health — the delay can be caused by the postponed diseases or deficiency of useful substances.

During germination of teeth the dog behaves uneasily and constantly seeks to gnaw something. At animal gums swell up and redden . They cause to the pet discomfort.

Special toys-gryzunki will help to facilitate a fate of the kid . To allow to be played with objects unappropriated for this purpose it is impossible, otherwise later the animal will not begin to take the ban to gnaw master's things seriously.

the First teeth of the small size and very sharp. Between them intervals which increase in process of growth of a jaw are noticeable. This natural phenomenon which should not be alarming.

Change of dairy cutters

Change of Milk Teeth at Dogs

Process of loss of the first teeth and growth of radical begins by 3−4 month of life of a puppy. At undersized breeds he can be late till sixth month.

Milk teeth under pressure of radical are loosened, normal they drop out independently, making room for constants.

Signs that teeth need to be extracted forcibly :

  • existence in a gum of a root of a dairy and radical cutter at a time;
  • if the number of teeth are higher than norm;
  • when canines are located one by one as if in 2 rows.

Before second teeth will not get stronger, with the pet it is impossible to play pulling of a stick, rag or toy. If too early to shift dairy teeth or to touch weak constant — the bite can deteriorate.

That processes of change of teeth took place correctly, needs to provide to a puppy load of jaws . Food in a bowl should not be pyureobrazny. Delicacies which will interestingly gnaw also special toys are required for the kid.

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