• Aug 29, 2019

Influence of music on people, animals and even plants studies long ago. The system of psychotherapy with use of music (music therapy) for people is created. The classical music is turned on on farms that animals felt better and the efficiency increased. Even plants grow better if to give them the chance "to enjoy" music. But how music influences dogs?

 the Dog listens to photo music

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As dogs perceive music?

To answer this question, it is necessary to know features of hearing of dogs:

  • Dogs can hear sounds which are not heard to people, for example, sounds with high frequency. People distinguish sounds with a frequency up to 20 kHz, and dogs – to 40 kHz (and even up to 70 kHz), that is dogs perceive even frequencies, "ultrasonic" for us.
  • If there are problems with other sense organs, dogs are capable to be guided in the world around, relying only on sensitive hearing – for example, with an accuracy to define location of a source of a sound.
  • Dogs perfectly distinguish aurally music, including konsoniruyushchy and dissonant intervals.
  • Dogs badly react to loud sounds. If they constantly live in the world of a roar and noise, then become irritable and nervous, uneasy.

Perception of music both the person, and a dog – quite difficult process. At this time the brain does not doze, processing a large number of information: rhythmic drawing, intervals, melody, harmony of music and so forth.

As music affects dogs?

Clinical trials showed that music (piano solo) reduces stress level at dogs and promotes their calm (in shelters in 70% of cases, and in house conditions – in 85% of cases). It is used by scientists for creation of music which helps dogs.

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For example, the composer, the expert in psychoacoustics Joshua Leeds together with the pianist Lisa Spektr created a series of clinically tested music for cats and dogs (Through a Dog’s Ear, Through a Cat’s Ear). During creation of different series the approach was used: different melodies for disturbing dogs, for treatment of problems with a dream, etc. turned out. For example, in one of albums the following melodies were collected:

  1. Vocalise, Rachmaninoff
  2. Prelude, Bach
  3. Sonata, Chopin
  4. Sonata, Mozart
  5. Child Sleeping, Schumann
  6. Sonata, Schubert
  7. Scherzo, Chopin
  8. Sonata, Beethoven
  9. Prelude, Chopin
Is important that in music therapy for dogs the most plain songs were used, that is information which contains in music has to be minimized (including the minimum quantity of tools, etc.)

As music therapy helps dogs?

Music therapy can be one of components complex of approach for decrease in level of a stress at dogs. Music therapy almost is never used as the only means, but can make more effective correction of behavior in combination with other methods.

Music therapy for dogs is shown at the following problems:

  • Excessive bark.
  • Nervousness.
  • Concern.
  • Sleep disorders (sleep debt).
  • Fears.
  • Diffidence.
  • Aggression.
  • Depression.
  • Adaptation to new conditions.
  • Rehabilitation after a disease.
  • hearing Training.
  • Preparation for exhibitions.

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