• Mar 18, 2019

and deprives of a dream of many researchers and at the same time owners of canine friends not one decade. Whether it is possible to be sure now really what is already solved how pets see the world? So far such myths and the facts about sight of dogs are known to people.

Myths and the Facts about Sight of Dogs

Myths about dog sight

The fact that dogs do not distinguish flowers — the myth. They distinguish colors, but not in the same way as people. It is connected with the fact that they have no same cages in a retina, as the person. They see this world as color-blind persons — that is people who do not perceive green and red shades. Their world, thus, is generally yellow-blue.

It is proved that dog eyes in comparison with human:

  • Are less sensitive to differences in flowers.
  • See less sharply.

Organs of Vision at Dogs

Someone considers that the pet watches in the turned-on TV because he is fascinated by advertizing or the movie. However it is the myth.

Unfortunately, pets are also not able to become interested in the movie or series as people. What forces four-footed animals to look at the image in the TV is a blinking light. For a human eye frequent flashes turn into the continuous image, for example, any television movie contains about 60 flashes a second. For a dog eye of it is not enough therefore in the TV the pet sees the sequence of very quickly blinking images.

Known facts

As Dogs See

The fact that dog eyes glow in the dark it is the fact . It can be noticed at night when it becomes dark, for example, in the light of automobile headlights, their irises of the eye shine green or yellow gloss. This effect happens because of the layer located behind a retina. It reflects light and works as a mirror. Thanks to it animals well see in the dark.

These animals have much more wide field of sight, than people are also the fact. At people normal is considered a field of vision in 140 degrees , and at their canine friends? To 250! To their owners, to capture a look the big area, it is necessary to twist the head to the right and to the left against the stop. The dog running ahead can just cast away slightly the head and already have being behind in the field of vision. It is connected also with arrangement of eyes on the head of the chetverony favourite. They are much more widely put, than at people.

Despite all this, sight for these animals is not main at all . They look at the world completely to confirm that they already know thanks to the feelings of hearing and sense of smell.

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