• Dec 16, 2019

Features of nature of a veymaraner

belong To advantages of nature of a veymaraner friendliness, magnificent learning ability, affection, diligence, courage, inquisitiveness and activity.
are the dogs selflessly devoted to the owner and his family, they always seek to be near and categorically do not take out loneliness. Therefore this breed will not suit the busy person not ready to give to the pet practically all the time. As well as to the person leading an inactive life.
veymaraner silver ghost of a photo On a photo: veymaraner
Weimaraners always cheerful, fearless, very dexterous and fast. Therefore such pet will not do nothing. If you do not want to hunt, occupy a dog with sport. Veymaraner can become a star in dog agility, frisbee, a pitch of public educational institution, a kursing, etc.

If not to allow a weimaraner to splash out the bursting forth energy, she will begin to bring order to the house. And hardly your tastes in questions of a decor coincide.

removed for hunting, and in this sphere he perfectly proved. They are capable to hunt both a boar, and a bird. But strongly developed hunting instinct can lead to a trouble in the conditions of the city therefore (for example, near the road) it is better to keep the pet in risky places on a lead.
the veymaraner runs a photo On a photo: veymaraner
cannot be beaten at all — it will make him careful and mistrustful. But encouragement by means of delicacy and a praise works wonders.
Weimaraners perfectly study and can work as rozysknik and rescuers.
the Puppy of a veymaraner is capable to find a common language with other pets living in the same family.
veymaraner and Labrador in one family of a photo On a photo: veymaraner and Labrador
However all these great qualities of nature of a veymaraner are shown only if you know how it is correct to bring up and train a weimaraner.
If to neglect
the pet, he will become irritable, will begin "to please" neighbors with continuous loud bark, will show obstinacy and to behave outrageously at home.
are considered as Defects of breed cowardice, lack of rage to an animal, laziness and nervousness.

the Nature of a veymaraner in relation to children

is a great choice for family with children. Weimaraners perfectly get on with younger generation and, despite congenital good nature, are always ready to rise in defense of the little owner.
your task — to explain to the child of the rule of communication with a canine friend. The dog cannot be disturbed during sleep and food, to prevent it to retire or show roughness.
of the Small child and veymaraner is not recommended to be left alone unguarded.

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