• Dec 4, 2019
the Attitude towards the American Staffordshire terriers differs in the different countries. For example, the American Staffordshire terriers are quite popular in the USA as family dogs. And in Germany on them restrictions as on potentially dangerous are introduced.

of Feature of nature of an amstaff (American Staffordshire terrier)

U us popular belief that amstaffa — the dogs murderers ready (and eager!) to break off everything that moves. The cause is — only policy of unfair manufacturers and illiterate owners.
the American Staffordshire terrier — at all not a monster. This is a courageous, courageous dog, infinitely devoted to the owner, inquisitive and sociable.
On the nature of an amstaffa are mobile, vigorous, reliable, hardworking. Like the majority of terriers, these dogs are absolutely fearless.
selection was conducted Earlier following the results of fights. But at the same time the dogs losing over themselves control and capable even in the heat of a fight to bite the person, were rejected. And as a result from this breed it is less, than from, for example, any guard dog, it is possible to expect aggression in relation to people.
As for relationship with other dogs, an amstaff it is difficult to enrage. It can strain in response to provocation, but will externally keep coolness. However if it force to fight, can become really dangerous to the opponent.
Tactics of independent fights created quite high I.Q. and ability to make independent decisions at representatives of breed. They are able to differentiate alleged and real threat accurately. The well-mannered terrier will become the ideal partner.
of Amstaffy do not concern dogs one-woman men. In the past they were often sold so they learned to become attached quickly enough to the new owner and to adapt to the changed conditions.

Nevertheless if in the house the stranger appears, it is necessary to give to a dog the chance to look narrowly and get used to it.
Representatives of breed can "work" as security guards, bodyguards, military dogs, and therapists in hospitals and nursing homes. They successfully compete at transportation of goods, obedience competitions, protective service, etc.
But all these great qualities are shown only in case of good heredity, the correct education and training. Therefore the breed will suit not everyone.
to People, diffident or having small experience and also lazy and inactive, too busy it is worth thinking of other, more suitable pet.
Should remembering that амстафф — very strong, vigorous dog. Life on a sofa categorically does not suit it, and he demands from the owner responsibility and activity. Regular trainings and trainings are necessary for the representative of breed to send energy to the necessary course.
From the American stafordshire turn out great athletes, they suit such sports as a veytpulling, a dzhamping, каникросс, dog agility.

the Nature of an amstaff (the American Staffordshire terrier) in relation to children

the American Staffordshire terriers are infinitely betrayed to the owner and his family. Children are loved and make thrifty use of them very much. These dogs are ready to suffer childish pranks even if entertainments are not too pleasant. However a task of adults — to watch that the child did not torment a dog and did not hurt it, did not touch the pet during sleep and food, respected his right for a privacy.
we Will emphasize
once again: all this is fair only for dogs to whom it is devoted much time — including on education and training.
Certainly, an amstaff and the small child it is impossible to leave alone, without supervision – it the rule concerns any dog, irrespective of breed.

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