• Dec 19, 2019
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On a photo: dratkhaara

of Feature of nature of the German dratkhaar

German дратхаар is considered an excellent family dog. He will easily cope with a role of the partner, athlete and hunter, willingly plays with children.
He is very attached by
to the owner, allocated with boundless fidelity, but at the same time can strongly be jealous of other dogs. Early socialization helps to cope with jealousy. дратхаар treats the pets living in the same family quite calmly, however, as a rule, makes attempts to become the main thing.
On character German дратхаар is deprived of aggression to strangers, but also will not begin to rejoice to each passer. More likely, will show reserved vigilance. If not to acquaint the pet with other people, he can become constraining, and at an adult dog it is difficult to adjust this quality.
the Bodyguard German дратхаар will hardly become, but can protect the territory and we bark to warn about approach of "stranger".
In comparison with other cops дратхаар differs in a little bigger fervor, more aggravated sentry instincts, bigger physical force and endurance.
On character German дратхаар is obedient, courageous and self-assured.
Needs long vigorous walks. Therefore if you not the supporter of active lifestyle, is better to think of other breed. For the same reason the German dratkhaar is not recommended to be got to elderly people.
the German dratkhaara are clever, but demand special approach in training.
These dogs always have to be "at business". If you do not find to it occupation, he will think up, than to be engaged. For example, will arrange unplanned repair, will entertain neighbors vocal exercises and will become absolutely uncontrollable.
late mature (approximately by two years). Young representatives of breed remind an enerdzhayzer and can be quite irritable. It needs to be considered.
German дратхаар hardly transfers loneliness and begins to go crazy violently approximately in two hours after separation from the owner. Therefore if you very busy person, is better to choose other breed.
Dratkhaar was removed, first of all, for hunting, and in this quality can perfectly prove on any area. It has excellent sense of smell, is hardy, tireless and vigorous.

the Nature of the German dratkhaar in relation to children

German дратхаар is not the best choice for family with absolutely small child. But this dog can perfectly get on with children of more advanced age, to become the invariable participant of games and the faithful companion on walks.
However a task of adults — to watch that the child did not torment a dog and did not hurt it, did not touch the pet during sleep and food, respected his right for a privacy.
Certainly, a dratkhaar and the small child it is impossible to leave alone — however, this rule concerns any dog, irrespective of breed.

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