• Dec 24, 2019

laika, dog in snow, the West Siberian laika
On a photo: West Siberian laika

Nature of the West Siberian laika: features

As a rule, owners West Siberian лаек with delight tell about the pets. If to listen to them, the feeling is created that to you definitely not to find the best dog.

On character the West Siberian likes — balanced dogs, but at the same time are quite vigorous and adore taking part in fun. They are not aggressive in relation to people, willingly communicate with relatives. These are gregarious dogs therefore they strongly become attached to family in which live.
the West Siberian laika is always ready to play and communicate, she transfers loneliness badly. Therefore will hardly suit very busy person.
In the nature of the West Siberian laika are combined complaisance, good nature and independence. However, independence never develops into sticktoitiveness and obstinacy.
the West Siberian likes — very obedient dogs. So that if the owner gives the wrong command, the dog, most likely, will execute it even if it is contrary to a hunting instinct. Therefore the knowing hunters try to provide to a dog freedom of action.
West Siberian лаек brought for hunting, including to large predators therefore it is difficult to frighten these dogs. Likes know the own worth, are a little self-confident, however do not challenge leadership of the owner and are always ready to follow the leader.
Intelligence of the West Siberian laika allows them to seize all on the fly. And the easy temper will not bring difficulties in the course of education.
However consider
that the West Siberian laika — not a sofa dog. It needs long walks and serious physical activity.
the West Siberian laika — the universal hunter, at the same time extraordinary hardy. She is capable to work several days in a row under trying conditions.

the Nature of the West Siberian laika in relation to children

the West Siberian laika — very benevolent dog at all deprived of aggression to people therefore she easily finds a common language with children. And the activity and vigor лаек make them by excellent participants of noisy childish sports and faithful companions on walks.
But should explain to you to the child that the dog deserves extremely accurate and polite address. To beat the pet, to pull him a tail or you should not thrust pencils into ears.
Forbid children to disturb a canine friend at meal time or a dream. If the dog wants to leave, give her such opportunity.
do not leave the West Siberian laika and absolutely small child unguarded.

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