• May 22, 2019

About experiments of Nazis with people cannot be read without internal shudder. But, in addition, they seriously studied ufology, occultism, alchemy and other pseudosciences. For example, since 1930 before the end of war Nazis worked on creation of the superclever dogs capable to speak and write.

Nazis Worked on Creation of Superclever Dogs

Study at school

It is difficult to believe, but the leadership of Germany seriously believed that some animals are capable to think of abstractly , to realize itself and to conduct conversations as equals with people. Hitler considered that they need to be learned. Like, if to show to dogs letters and to explain values, they will begin to understand and use the alphabet just as children.

School on Training of Dogs

the Tier Sprechschule ASRA School was open for an oral and written language for training of dogs near Hanover. Margaret Schmidt under a vigilant eye of Himmler directed establishment. The fanatical Reichsführer himself selected dogs for experiences, hoping to use them in fight, concentration camps and investigation.

The events happening in "school" are reflected in the Berlin archives only partially. And here about results it was reported as Hitler, and in the German newspapers.

For example, one dog was able to imitate bark a phrase "I want to eat, give cookies" , and another barked something similar at "Mein Führer". Many dogs learned to show the necessary letter a paw, to bark a certain number of times or to tick something like the Morse alphabet.

the Thought against a word

Of course, these skills did not find practical application. Today such superclever dogs and without scientists-Nazis fully on youtube. But the biggest enthusiasts went further, having decided to communicate with animals directly, without any "intermediaries" like language. Convinced that a problem only in the improper structure of the voice device of dogs, Nazi researchers addressed telepathy. Interesting facts:

Experiments with Dogs of Times of Hitler

  • experiments in this area continued up to the end of war;
  • creation of the animals capable at distance to execute the orders given by power of thought was a main goal;
  • dogs "learned" to transfer telepathic to people what was seen essence — images, numbers, separate words. Like, such dog in the back of the enemy walked, returned to the headquarters and "reported" on the number of armored vehicles.

Say that Hitler personally supervised training of a German shepherd of Shvartsi . After successful establishing telepathic contact with the puppy Fuhrer through the third parties allegedly had to present to Stalin. Precisely so in the years of Cold War Americans planned to give away the cats spies filled with the overhearing and writing down equipment.

But in a case with Shvartsi everything was more rough: having received the mental order, it would break off a throat to Iosif Vissarionovich. However, it is only a city legend. There are no direct proofs of so ridiculous plans to kill Stalin.

But in archives is full of the documents confirming attempts of creation of superclever dogs, including telepathy, training of oral speech, to the letter and reading.

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