• Feb 3, 2019

Studying of the reflection in a mirror — the usual fact for any person, has exact scientific definition: consciousness, that is identification of and fixing of differences from other people.

New Tests Indicate Consciousness of Dogs

the Majority of animals perceives specular reflection as other individual.

Was considered that mirror "self-recognition" is inaccessible to dogs that confirms their aggressive bark on reflection. New tests indicate consciousness of dogs in a primitive form.

the Ability to self-identification at animals was determined by the visual test . The mark with paint which it is well visible in a mirror was imperceptibly applied on wool.

the Highest primacies noticed discrepancy with the usual look in a mirror at once. Dogs did not maintain this test.

Smells for dogs considerably informativny visual perception. The ability to find objects on imperceptible smallest shades of an individual smell is used long ago by the person in various areas:

 sense of smell for dogs more informatively, than a vision

  • criminal investigation;
  • hunting for wild animals and birds;
  • protection of pets in shelters and at a pasture.

Neurobiologists when studying a brain often study behavior of various animals.

The most famous neurobiologist Christoph Koch noticed that dogs intensively sniff at each other at "acquaintance", and studying of own smell — an unusual occurrence .

At new meetings recognition happens on a smell that indirectly indicates a primitive form of consciousness.

New Tests Indicate Consciousness of Dogs

The Italian scientist Roberto Gazzolo Gatti confirmed this assumption experimentally.

For testing took urine of participants of an experiment and marked it various objects located in the open-air cage.

the Scientist noted time which was spent by animals on studying of a personal and others' smell. It turned out that foreign aromas interest much more, than own.

Fast recognition of the allocations speaks about existence of olfactory consciousness .

New approach in assessment of consciousness of animals not only a visual way, but also sense of smell added methods of studying of a neurobiology in the field of consciousness.

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