• Dec 4, 2019
Primary for character of a dog matters, certainly, breed and education. However the temper of the pet depends not only on them.
Is opinion that when you give to a puppy a nickname, thereby you define his destiny and character.
to Trust in it or not – of course, a personal record of everyone. However it is unlikely someone will argue with the fact that the choice of a name of the pet – business responsible.

Nicknames for the American Staffordshire terrier (boy).

And nty, Armani, Aron, Archie.

B Addie, Bax, Balu, Balthasar, Barth, Bath, Buffy, Bentley, Bogdan, Borman, Borya, Botya, Brabus, Bruno, Butch, Bush.

In егас, Wen, Vers.

Anse, Hector, Gerkhan, Gosha, Gray, Gnawed.

D аллас, Damon, Dan, Jack, Jolie, Johnny, Dixon, Drake.


Z EMS, Zepp, Zoltan.

And tone.

To an asper, Quentin, Kefir, the Killer, Claus, the Dry biscuit.

L like, Lyova, the Lecturer, Leo, Leon, the Lord, Luxury.

L yutsifer

M айкл, Max, Mark, Mars, Mason, Moriarty.

N Eich, North.

About Steen.

P Acre, Penyok, Putik.

P еджинальд, Ray, Ridge, Ricky, Rich, Richard, Ricci, Rock, Roks, Roni.

With Kai, Slayk, the Smile, Sonik, the Step, Stepan, Steve, Sam, Seth.

T ouch, Tyrone, Tyson.

At a mka.

F yodor, Fidel, Filya, Floyd, Phobos, Forrest.

X An, Hard, Harley, Hector, Hurd.

C езарь.

H Arly, Chester.

Highway Anse.

E nd, Ehrman.

of the Nickname for the American Staffordshire terrier (girl)

And del, Adeona, Ayza, Anfisa, Athena.

B Aga, Barça, That Will Do, Speaking in a deep voice, Berta, Betsey, Bonya, Brenda, Busina, Busya.

In an anessa, Varya, Vasilisa, Viv.

еля, Gerda, Glora.

D Ana, Darci, Jessica, Jolie, Judee, Dina, Share, Dora.

E ва.

Z Arina, Gold.

And mma.

To an apa, Karina, Horses.

L like, Lesya, Lola, Lorik, Long.

M Ania, Margo, Marika, Melly, Mary, Mila, Mira, Michel, Motya.

N еля to Carry, Nicole, Nola.

P Ik, Ram.

With an ayga, Santa, Sparta, Stesha.

T eodor, Tess, Tessa, Torah, Torii, Trolo, Tuti.

F ion, Philadelphia.

X Ania, Hati, Halle.

C er, Tsuzi.

H macaw.

Highway анель, Charlize, Sheila, Sherli, Sherry, Shiva, Sheelah.

twisted E , Alice, Elka, Emily, Emma, Erica.

E ff.

Yu that.

If you did not find a nickname of the favourite here – leave it in comments, we will surely include in the list!

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