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Primary for character of a dog matters, certainly, breed and education. However the temper of the pet depends not only on them.

For example, the American veterinarian and the astrologer Donald Wood came to a conclusion that the character of a dog in many respects is defined by her zodiac sign.

is Also opinion that "winter" dogs — more resolute, firm, sharp and stubborn. "Spring" — cheerful and a little thoughtless. "Summer" — as a rule, cunning, appeasable and flexible. And "autumn" — often more compliant.

But except breed, education, zodiac sign and a season of the birth, is important as well a nickname.

For example, Boris Higir is convinced that the nickname is the coded information on the nature of its carrier. The nickname is not an accidental set of sounds, but the sum of phonemes which can induce a dog to behave anyway.

According to this theory when you give to a puppy a nickname, thereby you determine his destiny and character.

to Trust in it or not — of course, a personal record of everyone. However it is unlikely someone will argue with the fact that the choice of a name of the pet — business responsible.
 the Puppy photo huskies On a photo: puppy huskies

Names (nicknames) for puppies huskies (boy)

And bin, Azeri, Eich, Ayres, Ice, Iceberg, Akvilon, Aktan, Alex, Altai, Alphas, Cupid, Arvey, Slang, Ares, Arnold, Arti, Archie, Ajax.

B Addie, Baikal, Bax, Balto, Poltergeist, Barry, Bender, Bentley, Bork, Boston, Bree, Brutus, Snow-storm, Storm, Best.

In Altai, Wind, the Viking, Country houses, the Bend, Voys, Vold, Wolf.

art, Gelik, Grandee, Gray, Grade, Grigory, Grizzly, Signature stamp, Thunder.

D алос, Danay, Deyman, Jumbo, Dzheyman, Dzheymon, Jack, Gerry, Joe, Joy, Johnny, Johnny, George, Diesel, Dingo, Dobby, Drim, Dendi.

E nisy, academician

Z ador, Zayt, Zolto, Zord, Zorro.

And carat, Ickx, Invar, Indigo, Inter.

To ouch, Carat, Caro, Kvill, Kevin, Kinto, Klim, Kolobok, Konel, Chris, Krish, Krishtiano, Cash.

L айфун, Lucky, Lakki, Slime, Lokki, Lord, Loukas, Luke, Fierce, Lyav.

M like, Max, Maxi, Manfred, Marlee, Mars, Marseille, Marshal, Meychi, Mickey, the Muscat.

N ейрон, Nemdo, Neron, Nikifor, Noar, North, Nortan, Chick-pea, Neydzhel.

About dynes, Odli, Older, Opal, the Grin.

P Eich, Piper, Penny, Pikker, the Surf, Prinze, Swelled.

P ouch, Real, Ridges, Rico, Richard, Ricci, Roy, Rocca, Rocca, Ron, Roni, Rubbi, Runes.

With aveliya, Simon, Sakari, Saks, Samarel, Samur, Sanni, Svir, the North, Grey, the Signal, Silver, Simba, Skye, the Sniper, Snor, Spay, Spaysi, the Strike, Sam.

T Abijah, Tiger, Tyson, Tair, Tyson, Terek, Tibor, Tigran, Tobar, Torahs, Tofi, Troy, Fog, Jerboa.

At rat, the Urman.

F ayer, Fen, Focus, Frei, Dress coat, Francho, Frost, Frank.

X An, Hunter, Heather, Hild, Holder, Cold, Hyuga. Caesar.

H Azeri, Chuck, Chaning, Celentano, Chino, Chuk.

Highway Aman, Storm.

E bark, Ernie.

Yu Yukkiyutta Yushka gin

I ва, Yakut, January Amber, Yarlik, Yarro.

Names (nicknames) for a puppy huskies (girls)

And би, Aurora, Agata, Agata, Agna, Aza, Ayza, the Ainu, Ira, Aysi, Ayta, Ayfa, Akira, Reddened, Alice, Alija, Alba, Alvah, Alma, Alaska, Ángel, Appa, Aria, Arina, Arine, Arius, Arya, Asti, Asya, Ata.

B alushka, Bel, Berintiya, Blanca, Bonnie, Bonya, Bosk, Britta, Bella.

In Alda, the Valkyrie, Varna, Varya, Vega, Vesta, Wicca, the Blizzard.

Abbe, Nut, Gella, Granda, Greta, Thunderstorm, Thunder, Gredi, Grett, Gabby.

D Ira, Dana, Darina, Darki, Dale, Dai, Dzhaga, Jumbo, Jenna, Jannie, Jessica, Juda, Diana, Miracle, Dix, Dingo, Haze, Demo.

E ва, Eshka.


Z Ajka, Pharynx, Winter, Ziyana, Gold.

And zida, Ilayda, Indigo, Toffee, Iya.

To hell, Kays, Kamil, Katee, Kerr, Kim, Cyrus, Kitty, Christa, Kremmi, Carrie, Cat.

L ayma, Lana, Lara, Larina, Caress, Latima, Lesya, Lettie, Lea, Linda, Long, Lucia, Lyalya.

M адэ, Maya, Manya, Marin, Marta, Marusya, Massie, Matsi, Melanya, Blizzard, Mila, Milk, Mira, Michel, Miya, Maggie.

N avv, Nayd, Ned, Nerey, Nick, Nicole, Nol, Nora.

About yes, Ollie, Olviya, Orsi.

P to an azuz, Pandora, Percy, Polina, Pride, Bullet.

P hell, Paradise, Ridges, Rikka, Fleece.

With akar, Sanni, Sima, Cindi, Cynthia, Sitka, the Fairy tale, Skayli, Sofia, Soy, Stefanie, Suzy, Syuzanna.

T Abijah, Tyra, Taya, Theon, Tessa, Teja, Tim, Tiffany, Tisha.

At Lula, Umay, Umka, Ursa.

F Abbe, Fortuna, Fairey, Fairy, Flora, USB stick, Frei, Frel, Frey, Feyzi.

X Asya.

C etsiliya.

H ekk, Chelsea, Chena, Chile.

Highway Ainu, Sheila, Shunya.

E yva, Alice, Erica.

Yu gra, Yudita, Jukka, Jukka, Jukka, Jun, Yunessa, Juta, Yufulya, Yushka.

I ва, Yanni.

A still can call huskies in honor of of the famous representatives of this breed .

If you did not find a nickname of the pet here, write us to the comment – we will surely include it in the list!

Learn more information on breed in our article " All about breed huskies ".

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