• Oct 26, 2020

puppies natural forage. But at the same time do not know how many food to give to the pet. What norms of feeding of a puppy natural forage?

The Puppy of a Malamute Eats a Photo
of the Photo: commons.wikimedia.org

In the first several months of life the puppy promptly grows. For example, in 6 months the puppy can weigh twice more, than at the birth. So kids have much more need for food, than at adult dogs. It it is necessary to consider.

Therefore when calculating quantity of a forage for a puppy at natural feeding are guided by the following norm: 5 – 7% of the body weight of the pet.

But it is worth emphasizing that it "the average temperature on hospital". If puppy does not eat up, so the quantity of a forage should be reduced. If snatches on I go greedy, and then long does not leave from a bowl probably you underfeed the pet, and norm of a forage for a puppy it is worth increasing.

Not only the norm of feeding of a puppy a natural forage, but also quantity is important feedings. The puppy eats much more often than an adult dog. For example, two-month the puppy has to eat 5 – 6 times a day. And only by 9 – 12 months a dog it is possible to transfer to two times feeding.

If not to consider all these nuances, you risk to affect the health of the pet. Only the correct feeding will help to grow up a healthy and happy dog.

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