• Aug 27, 2019

Recently the new direction of film logical sport – ноузворк appeared and began to gain popularity. What is ноузворк and whether it is necessary for your dog?

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That it ноузворк?

Nouzvork is a term which is used for the description of work of a dog on identification of certain smells. This type of activity was developed by such experts as Ron Gaunt, Amy Herot and Jill Marie OBrien. These people made use of the wealth of experience of training of dogs in search to create a type of activity which can become both entertainment, and the developing occupations for dogs partners and their owners.

In ноузворк dogs learn to look for a certain smell (or smells) and to mark their source. Begin with search of favourite delicacy or a toy, gradually increasing the level of complexity and adding new tasks as the dog makes progress in training. Such smells as an anise, a carnation, cinnamon, etc. are used. After the dog gets acquainted with a smell, she begins to look for it, and then the owner encourages her with a toy or delicacy.

In ноузворк four various kinds of search are used: the source of a smell is in a container indoors outside of the room and in the vehicle. During search the dog develops search passion and masters the main skills of search.

Now also competitions on ноузворк which include search in conditions when the conductor does not know where the smell source when it is necessary to find several sources of a smell and also when the conductor does not know how many sources of a smell in the set area need to be found is hidden are held (and whether there are they there in general).

of Advantage ноузворк that for occupations this type of activity there is no need to buy the special equipment, so, it is possible to be engaged anywhere. And every time and a dog, and the owner studies something new and add to the experience. For example, it is possible to look for in different places, in different weather, etc.

In fact, being engaged with the dog ноузворк, you give to the pet chance to develop natural abilities and learn more how the dog perceives the world.

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Why to a dog ноузворк?

Nouzvork – a useful type of activity for dogs. And that is why:

  • during search the dog develops intellectually and physically.
  • it is possible to be engaged in Search anywhere.
  • long preliminary training as, for example, in обидиенс, and there are no special requirements to participating dogs is not required. Practically any dog can be engaged ноузворк.
  • work At group occupations of a dog in turn, at the same time other four-footed participants are together with owners, that is jet dogs can take part too.
  • Shy and timid dogs gain self-confidence, and too active dogs can send energy to the peaceful course.
  • relations between a dog and the owner as the person learns to watch the dog Are strengthened, to understand it and to rely on her "judgments".

As is trained dogs ноузворк?

In fact, any dog can learn search. The training technique ноузворк is constructed so that to help dogs to realize a natural hunting instinct, to create skills of the independent solution of tasks and also to develop search abilities.

Work begins with the fact that dogs look for favourite food or a toy. And intervention of the owner or unexpected correction is not allowed. When dogs find food or a toy, they, thus, samopodkreplyatsya. This time before acquaintance to a target smell allows a dog to develop a hunting instinct and also desire and abilities to search in any conditions without risk to be mistaken or lose interest. It also gives the chance to the owner to learn to watch a dog and to understand it.

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