• Mar 28, 2019

Obesity negatively affects quality and life expectancy of an animal. Uncontrolled consumption of food and presence of the pathologies breaking a metabolism leads to formation of the thick fatty layer complicating work of bodies. That the pet had no problems with health, the owner needs to remember 6 most frequent reasons of excess weight at dogs and to try to avoid them.

Full Dog

the Body weight of an animal can increase for various reasons.

the Most widespread of them are:

Why Dogs Become Fat?

6 most frequent reasons of excess weight at dogs

  1. Overfeeding. If the owner regularly exceeds the recommended forage dosage, the pet inevitably has an obesity. It is the best of all to get scales and to measure that quantity of food which was recommended by the veterinarian proceeding from the size and a way of life of an animal. When feeding by natural food should control the content in it of fats and carbohydrates . It is not allowed to offer the favourite food from the table.
  2. Lack of physical activity. To spend calories, the dog needs to be engaged in active games and to walk in the fresh air much.
  3. Hormonal imbalance. Obesity can arise against the background of diabetes , violations of functioning of adrenal glands or a thyroid gland. These diseases are followed by violation of production of hormones and delay of metabolism. as a result the most part of nutrients will be transformed to fat .
  4. Helminthic invasions. In certain cases toxins which are emitted by parasites negatively influence a metabolism, and the body weight of a dog increases.
  5. Hereditary predisposition. are Most inclined to obesity Rottweilers, pugs, beagles, Labradors, dachshunds, bulldogs .
  6. Gluttony can also arise against the background of a stress. Especially often animals, some time living on the street or in a shelter jam the negative emotions.

the Main reason for obesity — violation of the rules of keeping of a dog. Besides, it is necessary to exclude presence at an animal of chronic diseases.

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