• Aug 23, 2019

is not pleasant to Many dogs when the post worker approaches the house to deliver the letter or a parcel to destination. Quadrupeds strongly bark, try to attack and even sometimes bite. But they do it only for protection of housing and the owners against the uninvited guest. However there are cases confirming the return. Eternal stories about endless love of a dog and the mail carrier confirm it.

Assistant to the mail carrier

Legendary Dogs and Love to Mail Carriers

Among workers of mail such tradition is widespread: coming to a route to take with itself something tasty for canine friends. The new form of relationship between the mail carrier and dogs was created, many of which wait for a meeting.

For example, a charming dog Pippa always heartily welcomes the old familiar mail carrier from the city of Brisbane of Martin Strader (Australia). The dog very much likes to receive personally letters from his hands and to bring to the owners with feeling of the fulfilled duty. And if there are no letters or parcels, Pippa had quite upset appearance. Having noticed it, Martin decided to give more often pleasure to the friend and began to write short letters especially for a dog. The happy dog smile expressed gratitude to the mail carrier for his kindness.

Canine friends

Sean Makkarren created in Facebook group where workers of mail of the UPS company post a photo and video of the meetings with canine friends, making routes to the addresses. According to Sean, communication with animals is the best part of its working day. Dogs already know that they for them will always be an entertainment therefore at full speed hurry to it towards. Will surely occur among them:

Story about dogs and mail carrier

  1. Gizmo and Leo's playful and amusing puppies who adore the senior friend.
  2. Even if it is going to rain, Lakki will wait for the mail carrier in a certain place during any bad weather.
  3. Ruby absolutely blind, but he perfectly recognizes the post van by a sound and follows Sean, will not regale on some yum-yum yet.
  4. Two big sheep-dogs who belong to the mail carrier constantly accompany in a way of the owner, besides the box with entertainments always is nearby.
Many animals precisely determine by

by a sound approach of the post van and manage to notify the owners on its arrival in advance. According to Sean, the established relations between workers and quadrupeds are an excellent example of mutual understanding between the person and a dog.

Ouni's Devotion

 about endless love of a dog to the mail carrier

The case which occurred in 1888 in the state of Albany of the city of New York once again confirms as far as there can be devoted and grateful a dog in relation to the person. Once near the office mail carriers found absolutely still a little puppy whom called Ouni subsequently. They regretted it and defined on a lodging for the night to the room where post bags were stored.

He so got used and fell in love with their smell that began to accompany workers with such bags not only on the city, but also through the whole country. When it was required to deliver correspondence, Ouni jumped in railway cars and traveled together with suppliers.

At the next station workers of mail handed it a counter which reflected symbolics of local post office. Gradually so many counters gathered on a collar at a dog that it became heavy to animal to move. Several hundreds of counters and labels had to be lodged as Ouni could not go in general.

The dog was engaged in the post affairs more than ten years, did not die yet. He had to suppliers the most warm feelings and gratitude as he knew that he is obliged to them by the life.

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