• Jan 22, 2019

the Dog – not only the best friend of the person, but also the creation capable to execute a lot of other functions. We communicated to owners of dogs and found out what.

It your best guard

Statistically, at home, where there live dogs, practically are never exposed to robberies. Unless you have very friendly dog, or попадетсч very charming thief.

It your defender

You can walk safely in the evenings with the dog, and the probability that ill-wishers will stick to you, also tends to zero. The more the dog, the is more and are afraid of you.

the Dog – pledge of the fact that you will never be lonely

Any cat does not meet you such pleasure as it is done by your dog. What here loneliness.

the Dog will not allow you to start missing

There are millions of games which can be started with the dog. And still they have an excellent sense of humour.

of the Dog are family members

There is no other being capable of big devotion, than a dog. You really mean to him much.

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