• Jan 20, 2019

to Everyone – the. But lovely cats whom nobody can resist not always have those qualities of which the dog can boast. For example, these:

the Dog will protect you

The cat will hardly be able to protect you and your house from malefactors. However, cases when also cats protected the house and the owners are known, but the dog precisely has more opportunities.

the Dog is always glad you to see

Agree that the cat will not always get down from a cozy pillow at your emergence. If, of course, you did not forget it to feed.

the Dog will not allow you to become the lazy homebody

At least because with it it is necessary to walk. Any, and movement.

the Dog is kinder

The sense of humour of cats commands respect and submits, however true kindness and devotion of dogs will warm your heart even if to you it is absolutely bad at heart.

you should be engaged in it

It is necessary to a dog your attention and also constant trainings and physical activities that perfectly stimulates also you too, without allowing to become limp.

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