• Aug 29, 2019

Did you decide to take an adult dog or to save one of inhabitants of a shelter for animals and faced problems of behavior of the pet? Do not despair: even behavior of an adult dog it is possible to correct and turn a source of problems into the best friend. How to make it?

The Sad Black Dog Lies on a Photo Bed Photo: google.com

We bring to your attention 5 rules of correction behavior of an adult dog :

  1. Watch yourself – do not provoke a dog to bad behavior.
  2. Correction has to be correct and thoughtful.
  3. do not hurry! Some behavior needs to be adjusted for a long time.
  4. the Main goal of correction – to help a dog to defeat "demons".
  5. do not hesitate to address the competent instructor who works with humane methods: he will help you to look at behavior of the pet from the new point of view and to develop the plan of correction.

If you want to learn more how to adjust behavior of an adult dog, read article the trainer-instructor, the specialist in correction of behavior of dogs Tatyana Romanova!

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